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  • Stand Up Comedy Essay

    of Laughter: Comedy Through the Years Audiences have been entertained by stand-up comedians for more than a century. From the vaudeville shows of the 1800s to the musical stand-up acts of modern times, the history of stand-up comedy is rich – and its evolution has consisted of a fascinating timeline filled with tears and laughter. Whether a person prefers comedy delivered with dry wit, ribald cynicism, or silly banter meant to engage the audience, there is something for everyone in the stand-up comedy through the years. The purpose of this white paper is to provide an informative illustration of the history of stand-up comedy from the 1800s through the present day. Historians may debate the actual origins of this type of entertainment,…

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  • Art Of Stand Up Comedy

    The Art of Offense The art of stand up comedy is one that has been around for decades, from the early Bob Hope, to Don Rickles, to the more modern Anthony Jeselnik. This form of communication has been used not only to make people laugh, but to convey messages, thoughts, ideas and societal values. People often overlook this form of performance, or worse, they seek to limit it. This is a terrible thing that is happening in our society, people looking to censor art, tell people what they can and…

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  • Essay On Stand Up Comedy

    Stand-up comedy is a form of comedy that, for the most part, is conveyed by a performance entertainer talking straightforwardly to the crowd in an unconstrained way. In stand-up comedy, the feedback of the audience is immediate and essential for the comedian’s performance. The gathering expects an exceptional act and a constant flow of snickers, and the entertainer is constantly under pressure to perform. Stand-up, in the structure it is known today, is an emphatically American creation, with…

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  • Stand Up Comedy Analysis

    Stand up comedy is bigger than it ever has been before. Which means there are more comedians we have access to than ever before. It’s a lot easier for new talent to find a voice than ever before. Information is a lot easier to find, and since social media has consumed our culture it’s a lot easier to find out about someone you’ve never met before, and it’s a lot easier to share as well to make yourself feel some sort of importance. So in this age of self expression and exposure, more and more…

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  • Thornapple Graduation Speech

    opinionated and demanding Mr. Replogle is quite humbling. This is not because I care whether or not you like me, but because I feel that you respected what I tried to do for each of you. I have always tried to be honest and upfront with you and challenge you to achieve more than even you thought possible of yourselves. It is very rewarding to be recognized by you for that. Every year, I leave my students with the saying that the greatest form of respect is to be challenged to do more than…

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  • Analysis Of Stand-Up Comedy By Aziz Ansari

    winter in the Valley so don’t worry) creating couplets so brilliant that Phillis Wheatley can’t even compare. Ah, productivity… OR you can binge watch an unhealthy amount of stand-up comedy by the famous humorist Aziz Ansari while crying and trying oh so hard to forget that Vaughn’s persuasive essay is due tomorrow, and you have nothing but embryonic ideas in your head. How I chose to spend those 45 minutes last night, I shall never tell a soul. It saddens me how often people belittle comedians.…

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  • Maz Jobrani Essay

    Pink Panther. Last week his latest stand-up movie was added to Netflix's comedy lineup. Stand-up comedy is an art that is now much more appreciated than what it was in the times of Eddie Murphy and Steve Harvey. Today's comedian's, like Kevin Hart, have brought comedy into a new realm and have introduced laughter to a larger audience. Netflix advocates stand-up and adds stand-up comedy to its lineup every few months or so. Getting added to Netflix is a big deal for stand-up comedians. Kevin…

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  • Gabriel J. Iglesias Characteristics

    performances in movies and live television; he is best recognized for his show I 'm Not Fat… I 'm Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy. He utilizes storytelling and sound effects in several of his compositions, some other features include reference to his weight and his signature Hawaiian shirts. Although Gabriel is currently worth 2.5 million dollars, he has not always been this fortunate and struggled financially growing up. Gabriel was born on July 15th, 1976 in…

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  • Definition Essay On Humor

    Everyone has it, and everyone has their own preference on what they find humorous. Comedy is an emotional outlet that allows us to have a more joyful approach in our lives. Humor is an under rated skill that everyone should be in touch with. The great thing about comedy is, there are no set rules, which makes the art of comedy endless. We know comedy is for all ages because we see young infants giggle when a person plays peek-a-boo, and we see our grandparents giggle when we tell them we still…

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  • Political Correctness Argument Analysis

    refuse to perform on college campuses as they believe that students today are too sensitive. While Rock is widely regarded as edgy and politically incorrect, Seinfeld is a comedian that one would feel comfortable watching alongside family . That said, Seinfeld’s comedic embargo on universities is a clear example of the salience of political correctness among stand-up comedians. Not every comedian is threatened by political correctness, however. Sarah Silverman says that, “To a degree,…

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