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  • Construction Contractual Agreements

    Construction Contract Contract can be defined as a written or oral mutually binding promise which is agreed between two parties based on a certain conditions and policies. Construction contracts normally form by at least two reciprocal promises: the contractor promises, which refer to accomplish the works stated in the contract, and the client promises, which undertakes the owner to pay the contractor for carrying out the works agreed in the contract. In addition, the contract generally contains a number of other promises related to the parties’ obligations. The contract should be established based on the five key components of the legal relationship between the contractor and the client, namely the scope of work, the quality of the work,…

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  • Mason V. R & G Case Study

    Contract One of the major contention points in this case of Mason v. R&G is the question whether a contract exists at all between the parties. In order to ascertain the validity of the contract, the elements of a valid contract in the state of Georgia must be carefully examined. The Code of Georgia, § 13-3-1, clearly states that in order to constitute a valid contract, the following elements must generally exist; there must be parties able to contract, a consideration moving to the contract,…

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  • Advantages And Limitations Of The Reinsurance Contract

    the reinsurance contract. The clause could be entirely inapplicable in the reinsurance contract. Due to this, the courts have developed rules that have to be met, so as to ensure that only appropriate and applicable terms are incorporated into reinsurance contracts. As explained by Thomas (2015, p. 46), “In HIH Casualty & General Insurance Ltd v New Hampshire Insurance Co [2001] 1 Lloyd’s Rep IR 224, the judge at first instance set out various tests that had to be satisfied before a term…

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  • Describe And Explain Four Types Of Business Organizations

    1. Describe the basic elements of a contract There are four basic elements to a contract. These include the offer and acceptance of a contract, lawful consideration, competent parties, and lawful purposes. Each of these elements must be present to be considered a contract. First, contracts must be entered into for lawful purposes. That is they may not run afoul of state/federal laws or public policy. For example, a contract for distribution of liquor to minors is not binding as the purpose…

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  • Importance Of Listing Your Contract With A Sole Agency

    Listing—Your Contract with your Agent If you sell with an agent there is an earlier 2nd very important contract you enter into, before your contract to sell the property to your buyer. This is the agency contract. This is the most important to your agent because once signed, about 90% of properties offered for sale do eventually sell It is common for some agents’ business to be concentrated more on obtaining listings and selling off those listings (commonly for about 40% of the agency…

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  • Peter And Forever Furniture: Legal Case Study

    is whether the statement agreed between Peter and Forever Furniture is a term as defined under the law of contract. The statement in question was made when Peter and Forever Furniture agreed to sell an office chair that will support my back sufficiently to allow me to spend the whole day working in the study comfortably without developing back pain and a leather to synthetic materials on the chair. The critical issue presented amid this request is regardless of whether the declaration agreed…

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  • Difference Between Criminal Law And Contract Law

    Under this fall many subgroups of which tort and contract law can be found. Tort law can be defined as the law which may offer solutions to individuals and parties who have been affected by unreasonable actions and behaviours of others, and usually involve state law. Contract law can be defined as an agreement that creates responsibilities which are imposable by law. Civil law in its essence differs from criminal law, this is evident as civil law relates to lawsuits, and involves two parties…

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  • Candy And Blair Case Summary

    Candy and Blair -Coffee beans supply contract Issue A: Can Candy get out of the supply contract early just as Blair promised? Candy will get out of the contract early as long as she can successfully raise an estoppel against Blair. The law of estoppel stops a party from unconscionable conduct, this is often known as promissory estoppel, a party will not be allowed to say that no contract exists because of lacking consideration . However, if a plaintiff wants to raise an estoppel successfully, a…

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  • Difference Between Companies And Joint Venture

    Contracts Companies can also maintain trust with customers, through contracts. Being willing to make a promise or to enter into a contract is one way in which a firm can demonstrate to others its confidence in its own competence and reliability with regard to quite specific activities (Blois, 1999). Contracts are based on the shared norms and values of the two companies. When companies create a contract, they trust each other to fulfill the obligations of that contract. When it comes to…

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  • Takem's Appliances & Electronics Case Study

    The case of Tommy Takem, the owner of Takem’s Appliances & Electronics, LLC against Sally Walker is one of a mistreated sales contract. When Sally Walker purchased the laptop from Takem’s Applicances & Electronics, she entered into a sales contract in which she promised to pay for the laptop. The specific terms of the contract are unknown, as to the price Sally agreed to pay Takem for the laptop, the time period over which the payments would be made, if the contract was written or oral, and so…

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