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  • ASTM Standards: Consensus Standards For Systems, Services, Materials And Product

    ASTM STANDARDS Short introduction – ASTM standards are consensus standards for systems, services, materials and products. ‘ASTM International’ is one of the largest voluntary standard developing organization in the world. It is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for the development and publication of international voluntary standards. There are approximately 12,575 ASTM standards that operate globally. TESTING ASTM STANDARDS- Scope- There test methods help in the determining of the flexural properties of the reinforced plastics and the non- reinforced ones. This includes high-modulus composites and electrical insulating material which is shaped into a rectangular bar. However, these tests cannot be determined by the material…

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  • Standard Deviation In Statistics

    The symbol for standard deviation is this little g with the bottom cut off. It looks like this σ. It’s actually meaning is how far apart numbers are. To find the Standard Deviation you have to square the variance for the range of numbers whose standard deviation you are trying to find. You only need 3 things to find Standard deviation, 1 a set of data, 2 the mean of that data, 3 the variance for the numbers. An example would be A zoo keeper wants to see if all the monkeys in the zoo are close…

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  • Standard Error Of Measurement Summary

    The article, “Standard Error of Measurement” by Leo M. Harvill from East Tennessee State University, provided a general introduction of Standard Error of Measurement (SEM). First, it introduced the basic concepts of test reliability. An obtained score or a raw score refers to the number of points obtained by an examinee. The obtained score could be influenced by several factors such as the ambiguity of test items, the fatigue of the examinee, and these factors make the obtained score unlikely to…

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  • Standard Arabic Essay

    spoken by 422 million individuals worldwide, making it the fifth most commonly utilized language. Central Semitic in classification, it developed from a Proto-Semitic predecessor and has evolved significantly with time. Today, based purely on linguistic grounds, one could argue that Arabic is in fact not one distinct language, but is several because some dialects are mutually unintelligible. Jordanian Arabic is a mutually understandable branch of the South Levantine Spoken dialect of Standard…

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  • Differences Between Ultrawide And Standard Monitors

    1. What are the differences between Ultrawide and Standard Monitors? Look, the fundamental difference between an ultrawide monitor and a regular monitor is the aspect ratio. Unlike the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, an ultrawide monitor has a wider 21:9 aspect ratio. This extra screen space helps you to manage multiple windows at the same time with ease. Also, ultrawide monitors are usually bigger than regular displays (29”, 34” and 38”) so you’ll see more data on the screen. The other…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Web Standards

    Close your eyes. Now, see yourself flying a plane with no radar, or as a stream running with no riverbank to guide it. This is what the World Wide Web would be like without Web Standards. Immense Networks offers a clear scenario. Imagine driving your car where there are no street lights, stop signs, or lanes; it would be pure chaos. Standards are created for universal order, and the web is no different. Web developers should abide by standards to keep things flowing properly on the internet…

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  • Standard Deviations In The Business World Case Study

    analysis is made of a variance measure which could improve the predictive validity of a classical historical variance estimate. Latane and Rendleman derived standard deviations implied in actual call option prices (ISDs) after assuming that investors price options according to the Black-Scholes model. Their results indicated that the approach is valuable, at least from a pragmatic viewpoint.” Becker’s, S. (1981). Becker’s refers that the prediction of stock values rely heavily on their reliance…

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  • John D Rockefeller Standard Oil Company

    Standard Oil was the leading supplier of oil to the United States in the 1880’s. The Company was run by John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller became one of the richest and most powerful men in America. Rockefeller tried to get Standard Oil to be the only supplier of oil in North America. Rockefeller believed that he could operate his company around the regulations set by the United States Government, and that he could get away with it. “President Roosevelt said confidently that no man, no matter how…

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  • The Importance Of Accounting Standards

    According to FASB’s The Structure of Establishing Accounting Standards, “The process of setting accounting standards can be described as democratic because like all rule-making bodies the board’s right to make rules depends ultimately on the consent of the ruled”. One of the advantages of the process is that external parties are invited to comment on exposure drafts or present testimony during roundtable discussions. The history behind SFAS No. 123 provides us with a prime example of external…

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  • The Importance Of The International Accounting Standards

    Next, the process of setting IFRS as the international accounting standard is restricted by the environment, regulation and culture of the country. Depending on its region, every country practices its own culture which eventually build the society’s behaviour. Nobes and Parker (2012, page 29) note that: “Culture in any country contains the most basic values that an individual may hold. It affects the way that individuals would like their society to be structured and how they interact with its…

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