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  • Lazarus Analysis

    What does this story say about people? Martha slightly blames Jesus for her brother’s death. Then she kind of back-tracks and displays a sign of faith, she knows who Jesus is. She calls Him Teacher. Yet, when Jesus told the men to remove the stone from Lazarus’ tomb, she displayed uncertainty. Mary also slightly blames Jesus for her brother’s death. But she also knows who Jesus is because she fell at His feet when she saw Him. The Jews that were present made biting comments like, if Jesus could make a blind man see, why couldn’t he keep Lazarus from dying? They were displaying anger, disappointment, and some unbelief. Most of the Jews, after seeing Lazarus come out of the tomb alive, after being dead for at least four days, believed Jesus said who He said He was. What does this story say about Jesus? Again, Jesus states His Mission to Martha. He always tells the people why He is here. Jesus wept. That shows He was fully human and fully God. Jesus had human emotions, He loved Lazarus. Even though He knew He could (would) raise Lazarus from the dead, John 11:33 (NIV) says that Jesus was still “deeply moved in spirit and troubled”. When Martha hesitated to remove the stone from Lazarus’ tomb, Jesus was still patient with her, admonishing her because of her unbelief when she recently told Him she believed. Jesus prayed to His Father, aloud in front of the crowd. He prayed and used that prayer as a teaching point and as a way to bring others to Him. To point…

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  • Suffering Reflection

    Yes, I realize the October update is arriving in November. I knew something good was coming on the 3rd and I wanted to wait so I could tell you about it. On Thursday, November 3rd, Rooted Soul hosted a half-day retreat for local church planters. It was called Abide and is the first of what I hope will grow into be six retreats offered to church planters next year. Abide is spaced created for church planters to reconnect their hearts with the heart of God through meditation on scripture and…

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  • Thornapple Graduation Speech

    Good evening and welcome to all the parents, relatives and friends who have made this day possible for the Thornapple Kellogg High School graduating class of 2006. I would also like to thank this year’s graduates for the honor and privilege of speaking at their commencement. To be a part of such an important night in your lives is indeed a very special moment for me. Graduation marks the end of one part of your life and the beginning of unlimited possibilities. This is the moment when you…

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  • Bernie Satire

    Critics of Bernie have struggled to classify the movie, and viewers would certainly attest to this statement. The movie is placed in the satire genre, but this does not seem necessarily complete. The film is well made and the level that it grips the watcher is almost disturbing. Although the film begins with an unusual opening of a jolly and flamboyant mortician conducting a procedure on a corpse for a guest lecture, Bernie morphs into a dark irony. As he prepares the dead for burial, he…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Visit To The Catholic Church

    Sunday morning, we went to the catholic church of the Newman Center located at 472 North Pleasant Street which is about one hundred meters away from our dormitory. After breakfast, we walked for about five minutes, and saw the entrance of the building. There is a sculpture on the top of the entrance of the building. Many people came from different direction keep entered. Most of the people are old people, and there are also some students, families with children here. When we came in, a father in…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Dream Doctors

    hospitals in Montreal and Quebec city. As a non-profit, the foundation is very vulnerable to the state of the economy, relying on donations to cover the cost of their services. According to the co- founder of the Jovia Foundation Melissa Holland, “The clown is a vulnerable figure who serves as a reflection of our humanity”. She means that they clowns involved in this project only do this activities to not take theirselves too seriously and to enjoy a moment of lightness and laughter. Another is…

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  • Difference Between American Culture And Indian Culture

    unhealthy because the food has chemicals & pesticides. Indian foods are healthy because most of the foods are home grown which make them natural and organic. American etiquette and Indian etiquette differ in ways of greeting, socializing, and common manners. American greetings are formal handshakes that introduce people. In contrast, placing both hands together and bowing Is an Indian greeting. Americans greet by saying hello it means how 's that person. Adeb is an Indian greeting that welcomes…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Assisted Suicide

    many are hopeful of finding a cure for everything tomorrow. In ancient Greece, assisted suicide was legal, though not everyone agreed with this position. While Plato wrote, “Mentally and physically ill persons should be left to death; they do not have the right to life,” Pythagoras disagreed, arguing that man was not in charge of his own fate, and that he must wait for his time as determined by the Gods. One of the first recorded objections to assisted suicide can be found in the Hippocratic…

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