Suffering Reflection

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Yes, I realize the October update is arriving in November. I knew something good was coming on the 3rd and I wanted to wait so I could tell you about it. On Thursday, November 3rd, Rooted Soul hosted a half-day retreat for local church planters. It was called Abide and is the first of what I hope will grow into be six retreats offered to church planters next year.

Abide is spaced created for church planters to reconnect their hearts with the heart of God through meditation on scripture and prayer. I provided them with a prayer prompt and the space necessary for them to listen to what God may desire to speak to them. Afterwards, we come together to allow them to listen to one another share what their experience was like and what they
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One pastor mentioned wanting to find a mentor. We are going to get together in the next week or for coffee and to explore if meeting with him on a regular basis would be helpful. Pray for God to make clear what He would desire in this relationship.

Another opportunity you can pray for is an opportunity I might have to be a Pastor-in-Residence at the Center for Christian Thought at Biola University. This would be an opportunity to explore the topic of “Suffering and the Good Life” with professors from all over the country. It would grow and expand my capacity to be with those who are walking through difficult season and help them discern how God might redeem their suffering for good. When I think about the work I do as a bereavement group facilitator, I think this experience would be
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These past two years, we have been privileged to see God work to bring about healing and transformation in very tangible ways in the lives of those who have made up our little church called The Grove. We have also sensed He has been bringing this season to an end. After several months of discernment and time listening for what God might desire to speak through those who make up this body of Christ, we have come to the hard decision of closing The Grove. We have peace about this decision, but are concerned that we will be able to help people transition well into other churches in our area. We will spend the next few months helping each one of our Grove family find a new home. Please pray for the hearts of those we have been privileged to serve and for God to lead each one to a place where they can share in significant ways what God has been doing in their spiritual lives over the past two

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