Long Way Gone Reflection

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In the Book , A Long Way Gone , By Ishmael Beah.Ishmael Is a Young
Child who has just become a soldier.Ishmael Is fighting against the Rebels , The People who killed Ishmael’s Family and friends , Although Ishmael Has Committed many wrongdoings, People who commit horrible crimes Can be Rehabilitated . This Is proved honest By Ishmael Beah In the benin home, where he becomes more considerate and gentle towards people Ishmael’s Rapid reverse of mindset in caring about his life more, Also Ishmael Becoming a less bloodshed of a person and not slaying people anymore or even doing”Brown Brown” drugs .

During his time in the Benin Home , Ishmael Learned to become a nicer person. Ishmael became nicer because he didn’t give people as much of
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Ishmael stops taking the drug “ Brown Brown” which causes extreme symptoms and aggressiveness , Ishmael even stops killing people , Nor does Ishmael get in trouble anymore. Instead of fighting back Ishmael allowed Ester to wrap her arms around him . Beah then writes “ She then wrapped her arms around me , for that moment I felt slightly better”. This shows that Ishmael has loosened up and finally allowed someone to truly care for him. Beah writes “ I had become very fond of Ester”. This shows that He has loosened up on people , especially when they give him the right medicine which is being caring. Ishmael Then talks about how he has changed for the better saying “I think my troublesome days are long gone”. This is important because of how he now labels himself as a civilian who isn’t violent or does violent things.Furthermore ,In the Walking Away , Adam Serwer,This text is about People who murdered , admitting that they are wrong and that they should be punished, saying “ I mean you don’t just take somebody’s life and think that’s ok” said Sarah Kruzan who had killed her “Pimp” After he abused her since the age 13 and making her Serve 12 hrs on the corner as a prostitute. This Shows Ishmael Has become less violent and a better …show more content…
This speaks on statistics of criminals and how they are released from jail and sent back within 3-5 years after their release. Silfer then says “once a criminal always a criminal , Is what i believe in , criminals with always have that greedy state of mind.” ( Silfer 1 ) . This Is where Most people think that Giving one chance and someone messing up they can’t be helped , even if they did commit a horrible crime. But , that is not the case , By giving someone 1 chance and them then committing a horrible crime doesn’t mean that they should always be classified by that one wrong decision they made . They can change their ways if they get the right help they crime they commit ,need . The right help I mean is something like psychological help or even employment , The article “ Myths And Facts , By Drupal , says “ Some people assume that a person who has been convicted of a crime has a basic character flaw that is not found in the “normal” population. In the vast majority of cases, people coming out of prison or jail are “normal” people who have made a mistake and are ready to put it behind them.” ( Drupal , 1). There is always a way to rehabilitate

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