Ghent Altarpiece

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  • The Annunciation Analysis

    This paper will describe the paintings of “The Annunciation” from painters Jan Van Eyck and Robert Campin. Even though the paintings are describing the same things I feel that there is more separating rather than bringing them together. Robert Campin was a Flemish Painter that was based in Tournai who made paintings for both middle and high-class civilians. Jan Van Eyck was also a Flemish Painter that was based in Burges who mostly worked very wealthy patrons. Jan Van Eyck’s “Annunciation” was painted on the exterior of the Ghent Altarpiece that was created in 1432 at the cathedral of Saint Bavo. Robert Campin’s painting of “The Annunciation” was made on the Merode Altarpiece in about 1425. Robert Campin was a Netherland painter that lived…

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  • Peter Paul Rubens's Painting: The Elevation Of The Cross

    The Elevation of the Cross was painted by Peter Paul Rubens during the Baroque time period in 1610-1611. The painting itself is fifteen feet in height and twenty-one feet in width (Pritchard). Rubens created the painting using oil paint, specifically oil paint on wood (Pritchard). Prior to the destruction of the church, the Elevation of the Cross was originally located at the Church of St. Walburga in Antwerp (Pritchard). Today, the painting is located at the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp…

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  • Portinari Altarpiece: Hugo Van Der Goes

    Portinari Altarpiece Hugo van der Goes is credited with uniting the scholarly dexterity of Jan van Eyck and the sensitive feelings of Rogier van der Weyden, creating his own style of art. In Ghent, Hugo was the dean of the painters’ guild. An artisan guild was organized by occupation and exerted quality control of its members and administered education with an apprenticeship system. It was a master-apprentice system, where apprentices commonly finished the smaller details on a piece of work…

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  • Madonna Of Chancellor Rolin Analysis

    The Madonna of Chancellor Rolin The painting The Madonna of Chancellor Rolin, oil on panel was created in 1435 by Jan Van Eyck. He is known for his other well known religious artwork like The Madonna of Canon van der Paele 1436, The Crucifixion, The Last Judgments, and also The Ghent Altarpiece- Singing Angels 1427-29. He was born some time before 1390 and he died the 9 of July,1441. “Van Eyck pursued a career at two courts, working for John of Bavaria, count of Hainaut-Holland (1422–24), and…

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  • Similarities Between Northern And Northern Renaissance Art

    included the Netherlands, Germany and France. Artists during the Northern Renaissance period were heavily influenced by the International Gothic Style. Northern Renaissance art could be described as a singular blending of “Late Gothic art, contemporary ideas about observation, and Reformation ideology” (Art History). Europeans during this time saw their God as the almighty and the complete spiritual leader of the world. The art during this period depicted this. Artist Jan Van Eyck was…

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  • Printing During Renaissance

     Was a protégé by age 10! Lived with the Medici.  Sculpted the marble David in 1504. Genre: Classical/ Christian • David represents the “slaying” of the Medici “giants”  The Pieta is a marble sculpture. Genre: Christian  The Sistine Chapel (1508-1512) • It was the ultimate fresco challenge for Michelangelo; people wanted to see him fail • The ceiling illustrates the story of Genesis • The altarpiece depicts purgatory, heaven, and hell. It’s called “The Last Judgment”  Raphael Sanzio…

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  • Similarities Between Leonardo Da Vinci And Eyck

    Renaissance (1300-1700) is a period of great cultural change and achievement in Europe, and Italy is believed to be the birthplace of this “rebirth”.Thus, Italian Renaissance is commonly believed to be a great influence upon the Northern Renaissance. However, this new speculation about who might have influenced Leonardo da Vinci will make us question everything we thought we knew. The similarity between the Eve in Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck’s The Ghent Altarpiece (1432) and Mona Lisa (1503) is…

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  • Jan Van Eyck: Most Famous Renaissance Artist

    some time. He would become a court painter/artist and a diplomat. Soon after Van Eyck would be a senior member of a painters’ guild in Tournai. In honor of St. Like the guild held a feast on October 18th, 1427. The feast was held in Tournai, and those who attended were Robert Campin, Rogier Van Der Weyden, and Jan Van Eyck himself. With Jan’s payment or salary thanks to the courts, he wasn’t making a living working on commissions; he was more open to art being free. Instead of doing commissions…

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