Gianni Versace

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  • Why Is Gianni Versace Important

    Gianni Versace Death This historical marker will be placed at the main entrance of the Gianni Versace mansion. This is the perfect spot because the mansion is already recognized as an important place due to the historical background, but no historical markers are present. Gianni Versace was one of the most famous fashion designers in the 80s and 90s. Unfortunately Versace was assassinated by a gunshot in front of his mansion located in South Beach, Miami. Even after his death Versace empire continue to grow, making Versace brand one of the most recognized brands of the fashion world. This historical marker will honor the death of one of the most important persons in the history of the fashion industry. Versace born in Italy,…

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  • The Importance Of Making In My Life

    I chose Business Management as my major in college to have a career in corporate or to own my own business. Maybe years later in college another subject may cause some interest in me but right now my mind is made up. If I choose to get a business, I plan to produce and sale the most authentic clothes, almost similar to famous designer, Gianni Versace. My goal in this area isn 't just to make high sales, but to make others proud, like my family, and to show others that I have come from nothing…

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  • The Italian Fashion Industry

    Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace are some of the most famous Italian fashion houses that have resonate globally for its luxury goods throughout the last century. Their authenticity in products, differentiation in style, quality of luxury goods and expertise in the field has made them stand out in the fashion industry and led to serve as inspiration source to other designers internationally. The fashion industry evolves to continuously and requires to quickly come up with new trends and ideas…

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  • Managing Customer Service Chanel

    For the purpose of the report, two companies have been analysed belonging to the fashion industry. The companies include Versace and Chanel. These companies are reputed worldwide and have varied customer service policies. Both the companies aim at profit-making objective along with satisfying customers. Based on these, recommendations are stated that highlight the introduction of online shopping in Versace and improving customer service plan in Chanel. Table of Contents Description of the shops…

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  • Symbolism In Greek Mythology

    Companies use the consumers’ general knowledge of Greek mythology and their assumptions about the myths’ plots and characters to sell their products. One of the most notable examples is the prominent Italian fashion company, Versace, whose logo consists of a symbol of Medusa’s head. Versace has one of the most iconic and recognizable logos in the fashion industry and the logo was deliberately chosen in order to represent the company and its products. In Greek mythology, Medusa is a Gorgon known…

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  • The Game Of Fashion

    The sketch is an idea of how you want the outfit to be what colors you want, if you want it short or long. The sketch has to start with the head and the body has to be the same size as the head times 8 so the sketch model has to be tall. Almost all collections have an inspiration or the designer has a muse. For example the well known Italian fashion house of Versace collections are inspired by Ancient Roman and Greek art and architecture, and the founder and designer Gianni Versace used his…

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  • My Family, My Hometown And My State

    here before they were deployed. After the war, those soldiers returned in droves with their families. They helped start the tradition of vacationing in Miami that has continued through the generations. Miami’s appeal and glamorous mystique has also been helped by the many movies and television shows that have been filmed here over the years. The Jackie Gleason Show in the 1960s, Miami Vice in the 1980’s, and in 1998, There’s Something About Mary, Wild Things and Out of Sight were movies set and…

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