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  • What Is Fielding's Role In Ww2

    Gibraltar in World War 2 Gibraltar played a crucial role to British defenses in World War 2. It was a bastion and staging ground. Without the Rock, British military forces would not have a necessary staging ground into Europe. Despite its involvement, very few Gibraltarians were present during the war. The British government ordered, and enforced, a mass evacuation of the Rock to strengthen its abilities as a base. Only those civilians deemed as having “vital” jobs stayed. The evacuated were left homeless, and shifted around to allied nations. The vast majority of evacuees would end up in Jamaica, Madeira, and London. This massive influx of people into the United Kingdom did not sit well with many conservative members of Parliament. These MPs argued against allowing huge amounts of refugees in, as Britain were unable to accommodate all of them. Gibraltar served as Britain’s foothold into the continent of Europe. The British fortress was vital factor in British wars for as long as it had been in Britain’s possession. During World War II, Gibraltar served a crucial role in both the Mediterranean and Atlantic theaters. Due to its…

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  • Sovereignty In North Korea

    (Burrows 2017,2) said, “rising tensions over sovereignty of the Rock was following a Brexit vote.” This just goes to show how a simple fix could take a more serious tone. This is putting the Royal Navy’s International security at risk. And the fact that it could affect the Brexit vote just goes to show, how serious international business is. International security is a subfield of international relations that focuses on war and peace. With tensions rising, the Royal Navy is getting fed up with…

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  • Death On The Rock Documentary Analysis

    This Week, a current affairs series aired in the 1980s, released an episode on the 28th of April, 1988, titled “Death on the rock”, edited by Robert Bolton, discussing the shootings of three IRA members in Gibraltar. The documentary goes into detail about the events leading up to the shooting, asking questions about the legality of the actions taken by the British government and the SAS. The documentary uncovers their own pieces of evidence and tries to put together a more thorough picture of…

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  • Britain's Role In The American Revolutionary War

    Indies and capture the tobacco and rice growing areas in Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia. Another strategy was to raise for loyalist troops to help fight the Patriots. At the time this may have seemed like a good idea, but with the French becoming a more important role in the war Britain underestimated the Patriot French alliance. The war in the south was about trying to protect the sugar islands (West Indies) from French forces. When France joined the war in June 1778 they hoped to…

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  • British Empire Research Paper

    which were produced in America, were sold at a much lower price than sugar. The profit made by selling these products was simply much lower. With the defeat of the French at the Plain of Abraham after the Seven Year’s War, Britain received the large amounts of land, including New France. This victory also meant that Britain gained control over a majority of North America. The British, moreover, were able to expand their empire after the War of the Spanish Succession and the Treaty of Utrecht,…

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  • Franco Francisco Franco And Spain

    possible to aim at the success of this operation within a few days by the use of modern equipment and tried troops. In this sense, the equipment which you offer me will be of great effect. Franco also stipulated that certain demands would have to be met by the Germans after the war. These demands were: "Gibraltar, and French Morocco, and part of Algeria colonized and predominately inhabited by Spaniard soldiers, and the enlargement of Rio de Oro and the colonies of the Gulf of Guinea." This…

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  • The Positive Reputation Of Gala Casino

    About Gala Casino It doesn't take a lifetime for an online casino to build a positive reputation in the iGaming industry. If the products are right and customers are well taken care of, any online casino brand will be given the opportunity to rise in prominence. Such has been the case for Gala Casino. Even without its loose affiliation with the Coral Group, the Gala Group has done very little wrong and find themselves at the pinnacle of trust from players and within the industry. Gala Casino…

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  • Analysis Of 'Qu' Allah Bénisse La France

    the self follows the philosophical discourse that justifies the existential choice and accounts for a worldview. So philosophy is not a system. It is a preparatory exercise to wisdom. It is a spiritual exercise. All the above stated led him to success, by taking advantage from the very mercantilist logics: acquiring fame, money and status from the capitalist music industry. More importantly, he succeeded in effectively navigating between two geographical continents which are also two modes of…

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  • Neanderthal Research Paper

    2014. <>. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Did Neanderthals eat their vegetables? First direct evidence of plants in Neanderthal diet." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 25 June 2014. <>. Choi, Charles Q. "Ancient Skulls Reveal "Mixed" Neanderthal-Like Lineage." Live Sience (2014). Live Science. Web. 15 Nov. 2014.…

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  • The Stream Of Conseciousness In James Joyce's Ulysses

    Through the beginning of the chapter, which consists of a few overly bloated and long sentences, portraying molly’s emotions or drowsy thoughts, Molly Bloom ponders about a wide range of things, mainly about her past lovers and her youth at Gibraltar, to the birth of her daughter Milly and her job as a singer and her competitors. In Molly's second 'sentence' she is remembering on her courtiers from her past and present. Her affair with Blazes Boylan is seemed to be the leading train of thought…

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