Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

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  • Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story Analysis

    TITLE: “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” will have you skipping to the theater “You can do anything else anyone can do, only you can do it better” A Christian like movie which, encourages and motivates children, adolescences and Adults to apply Gods inborn gifts which he has given to them, and with the help of god you’ll be able to overcome anger, prejudice and any other obstacle in your way. There is no offensive language, I only saw one instance of violence where a young man took up a hammer to hit his mother, there are scenes of medical procedures which may be disturbing to young children, no nudity, no sex, no smoking, no alcohol. “You can do anything else anyone can do, only you can do it better” GIFTED HANDS THE BEN CARSON STORY: is an inspirational story of an African American child raised in a single parent home with his brother, whose mother…

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  • Gifted Hands Book Review

    Gifted Hands Book Review Growing up in the poor streets of Detroit, Dr. Ben Carson could have never dreamed of the life that he had to look forward to in the future. When Ben was nine years old, his father abandoned him and his family. Ben’s mother, Sonya was the motivator in her two sons’ lives. Although Sonya only had a third-grade education, she was a very smart woman, who knew that education was the way for her sons to get out of the ghetto and have successful lives. Sonya had strict rules…

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  • Personal Essay: How Fedex Changed My Life

    to seek another path. I began to excel in my studies, and responsibilities at the mental hospital. The directors saw progress in me they decided to release me. Freedom was not enough motivation for me to continue in a positive direction, one of my psychiatrist’s gave me additional motivation of sorts: Mr. McCabe told me, ‘We have to let you go, but we know you will be back. I decided to prove him wrong, I would not come back.” I was further encouraged to continue in a positive direction when,…

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  • Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential For Excellence: An Analysis

    way of repaying my debt to God and the world for the privilege of living on this planet” (Goodreads 1). This quote, taken from the book Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence, shows Ben Carson’s generosity and compassion towards other people. In many of his books, he uses life experiences as examples to teach others, inspiring them to spread joy and love wherever they travel. Carson’s approach on life is unparallel to any other. He enjoys life and perceives it as an opportunity…

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  • Book Review: Gifted Hands By Sonya Carson

    Response: - Gifted hands by and about a Ben Carson who is poor guy having an elder brother name Curtis and mom named Sonya Carson. Ben became inspirational for many people and changes many lives. This book is all about Ben Carson and his family. This book is very heart touching and very emotional. And this book can be a motivational source for anyone. There is some situation when Carson family had a hard time in their life and financially they are not rich so they had money problem. Ben Carson…

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  • The Bean Trees Analysis

    unturned to make it a reality”-Roopleen. This quote relates to both Ben Carson and Taylor Greene from The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver during their journey on accomplishing their goals. Gifted hands by Ben Carson is an aspiring story of how he started from Detroit and made his way to be an astounding pediatric neurosurgeon at John Hopkins by the age of thirty-three and never seemed to forget about his faith or family . The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver is a fresh coming of age story about…

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  • Dr. Ben Carson Media Analysis

    Dr. Ben Carson is known by millions across the nation for being an extraordinary neurosurgeon and now, a leader in the Republican race for the presidential election. Carson, a collected and calm man who is the author of several books, including the autobiography entitled “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story,” has charmed many potential voters with his rags-to-riches story. Several liberal news journalists are suspicious, accusing Dr. Carson of lying about his past. Although many believe he is a…

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  • Gifted Hands Movie Analysis

    : The movie begins in 1987, where Dr. Ben Carson goes to Germany to visit a couple, who have twins conjoined at the head. Ben knows that chances of saving them both will be a risk, because one baby always dies in situations like that. Ben agrees to do the operation, but he will wait for a time so he can come up with a plan to save them both. While looking into some of his books, the movie flashes back to the year 1961, when Ben is 11 years old and he is in the elementary school as…

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  • College Course Reflection Report

    Before taking my first college course, I heard several stories regarding people 's past experiences with their professors and courses. Hearing these stories led me to become anxious, I didn’t know what to expect. However, when I began the course,I became much more confident and comfortable about the idea of becoming a partial college student, considering I still attend high school. My professor, Dr. Cynthia Morris, was truly kind, open-minded woman, she demonstrated and taught the Psych 1300…

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