Personal Essay: How Fedex Changed My Life

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Hayworth, William

Life is not about where you started

I began to know hardship at a very early age of 2 months; I was removed from my family and placed into foster care. My dad divorced my mom shortly after I was born and never looked back. I spent the next 15 years moving between foster homes. I became a bitter and rebellious child. I was kicked out of all the middle schools in my local school district in Detroit Michigan and placed in a mental hospital. I was mad at the world and felt I didn’t deserve this lifestyle.” The situation worked in my favor; it motivated me to seek another path. I began to excel in my studies, and responsibilities at the mental hospital. The directors saw progress in me they decided to release me. Freedom
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I decided instead of sitting at home doing nothing and waiting for my doctor to clear me to go back to work why don’t I take this opportunity to return back to school to get my degree and that is exactly what I did. I decided at that very moment to take a leap of faith and that I was committed to school and I was determined to go all the way and achieve my masters in business. FedEx let me go because I had chosen to stay in school. The moment I decided to let FedEx go work has become a struggle. My first semester back I earn the opportunity to be on the Dean List. The next year in the fall of 2014 I lost my home because of me not being able to work like I once did to my surprise I earned the opportunity to be on the Deans list once again in spite of my hardship. I have been a leader in my community and have promoted and produced many events across the country. I have put my work life on hold to achieve my master’s degree in business marketing so that I can gain more knowledge so that I can return to be more of an asset to my community. Once I graduate my goal is to continue with my non profit 2 Another Level so that I can go reach back and help other youth who started out with a rough life and encourage them that they too can make it and that life is not about where you started but where you are

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