Foster care

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  • Foster Care

    Foster care and the educational system are complex organizations. Both organizations address and serve children who experience abuse and neglect. Addressing the educational needs of children in foster care presents a unique challenge to schools, social agencies, and foster parents. It is estimated that in 2013 there were approximately 589,000 children and youth in foster care across the United States (Children’s Bureau, 2014). In 2013, 58,699 children in California were living in foster care. Of these children in care, more than 65% ranged in age from five to twelve years. The median age of children in foster care is 10.6 (California Department of Social Services, 2014). Children are often removed from their homes because social workers determine…

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  • Foster Care Effects

    Like orphanages, foster care services are not perfect. They come with several long-term effects that can be detrimental to the child for the rest of their life. Children often suffer from abandonment issues, and lack the self-confidence and drive to succeed in the outside world. The foster care system, while still caring for children and providing their basic needs works differently than an orphanage. Most children entering into the foster care system do have living relatives, but it has deemed…

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  • Foster Care Resources

    not all parents are able to care for their children. Although this reality is hard to face, the foster care system is in place to provide help and support during this time. Foster care helps children in situations where they cannot be cared for by their biological parents. Numerous reasons can lead to a child being placed in the system; however, no matter the reason, each situation displays the need for an alternative care system. Now that the foster care system is in place to provide immediate…

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  • The Foster Care System

    While the foster care system is an aid to parents and children across the nation, it was something that was meant to be temporary. The foster care system is meant for parents to either regain custody of their children or transition the child from their biological parent’s home into an adoptive parent’s home. Each state spends a certain amount of tax dollars funding this system in order to provide children with stable temporary housing while their parents correct what behavior got their child…

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  • Children In Foster Care

    in America," foster care is seen as a temporary solution for families in crisis, families in which the child has been subjected to neglect or abuse (physical, sexual). The family’s relationship is always a best foundation to grow up a child. “Family is not an important thing. It's everything.” - Michael J. Fox. Although Rex Walls and Rose Mary fail to care their children sufficiently, it is better for the Walls children to remain with their parents. Putting the children into the foster care…

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  • Essay On Foster Care

    Foster care is a system by which adults care for minor children who are not able to live with their biological parents. When parents are unable, unwilling or unfit to care for a child, the child must find a new home. In some cases, there is little or no chance a child can return to their parents' custody, so they need a new permanent home. In other situations, children only a need a temporary home until their parents' situation changes. In any case, the children need somewhere to stay until a…

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  • Abuse In Foster Care

    The Foster Care System The foster care system is a temporary arrangement where adults provide care for children whose parents can no longer care for them (National Adoption Center, 2016). There are two issues with the foster care system. One issue is that children are being placed into foster homes that are unsuitable. This causes many problems amongst the children’s well-being. Some foster children are being placed into homes that house abusive behavior by the adults or children that already…

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  • Oppression In Foster Care

    and violence (Bruskas, 2008). Children in the foster care system meet all five of these conditions determining them an oppressed group. One of the five conditions that this group meets is exploitation, which is the act of unfair treatment of others for the benefits of oneself; it could also be thought of as taking advantage of others. Children in foster care fit this condition because they…

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  • Foster Care Abuse

    From One Family to the Next It is evident that society has an issue with the famously broken system known as foster care. Rarely does somebody refer to foster care as a positive outcome. Most parents and families try to avoid the system due to the fact that it is in need of repair. The idea of foster care is superb; not letting children live in limbo without any parental supervision, but unfortunately the power is abused and therefore broken. Children bounce back and forth between families and…

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  • Foster Care Syndrome

    The perception of foster care drift—the phenomenon of children having multiple placements and exiting the foster care system on their own after experiencing prolonged lengths of stay—was first documented in the late 1950s (Maas & Engler, 1959). As a response to this issue, the promotion of permanency planning took hold during the 1970s when child welfare agencies saw an extraordinary increase in the number of children experiencing foster care drift impacting workers in the public child welfare…

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