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  • Art Summary: The Unicorn Is Found

    The Unicorn Is Found, is a miraculous tapestry that hangs in The Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York. (Stokstad and Cothren). Unfortunately, the place of origin and the artist for this piece is unknown. It is composed of wool, silk, and metal threads, forming this 12-foot by 12-foot textile. This tapestry incorporates many human figures surrounding a simple fountain. The figures carry weaponry and shields, suggesting that these humans are on a hunt. They congregate together behind the fountain, and all appear to be conversing with one another. The clothing, as it matches with the castle in the background, is comprised of Renaissance characteristics. Below the figures sit a wide array of mythical creatures. The largest mythical creature,…

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  • Pop Art Vs Popular Culture

    culture, or Pop Art was a time when simple objects of everyday life were made into fine art, but more often Pop art is a statement on mass advertising and the customer culture after WWII. It also was a means to demonstrate against future conflicts as well. During the world’s recovery of WWII magazines and newspapers were full of advertisements of what to buy, and how the perfect house hold should look like. People tried to live above their means in order to fulfil what they thought they were…

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  • Experiencing Humanity

    once taught that, “Art is one of the sources through which the soul expresses itself and inspires others.” Art throughout history has defined cultures, helped us understand people and emotions; it has allowed us to see humanity through our own eyes and they eyes of others. However, there is a major obstacle that has been faced in the past. The impact that these…

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  • Piombino Apollo Statue Analysis

    In the cycles of the art world, artistic styles progress over time and new innovative techniques embody an era, but the past periods never truly fade from the mind of the artist, hence periods like the Renaissance, a rebirth of an older era of art. However this retrospective obsession with art can meddle up an art history timeline if a statue is not properly dated to the correct era. This is case the regarding the Piombino Apollo, a statue found at sea in 1832 with a complex history of study…

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  • Miley Becoming An Artist Essay

    Who and what can we considered an artist or art? One can say that throughout pop culture celebrities have been dabbling in the art world, but especially today, now that we have access to celebrities and what they are doing we can see everything about them with just the click of a button. Today A listers like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Shia Labeouf, James Franco, and Miley Cyrus along with other celebrities have, in one way or another made their name into the art world. Some people consider them to be…

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  • Is Art A Fluidity?

    Art is a Fluidity Society is constantly changing, growing, and evolving; art is a constant. Since there were cavemen, there were prehistoric cave paintings. When people began to hunt, they began to sculpt hunting weapons and tools using solely natural resources. Once religion became a part of society, art became one of the major means of expressing religious beliefs. Art is a constant because it is natural. It is something that is instilled within us all from a very young age. When we are…

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  • What It Means To Be An Artist Essay

    By definition, an artist is "a person who creates art." It seems pretty simple, but to me truly being an artist is so much more. Being an artist means creating something that makes somebody feel. Being an artist means forgetting limits and boundaries and letting your imagination flow freely onto the canvas. Being an artist means exploring and expressing yourself and your emotions, whether it be through painting, drawing, or sculpting. Being an artist means pouring your heart and soul into…

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  • Art Therapy In Psychiatric Treatment

    The Therapy of Arts Orthodox medicine and therapy have been the mainstream of all psychiatric treatment. While upon researching I found out about a new approach and form of therapeutic treatment. Art therapy is the new approach to therapeutic treatment for psychiatric disorders, emotional problems or physical disorders or illness. This type of therapy involves people using an expressively creative outlet involving forms of art. Art Therapy in comparison to medication and therapy is successful…

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  • Shamanism In Cave Art

    running hypothesis and is associated with magico-religious expression through the form of cave art. However, it’s a highly contentious subject with some people fiercely opposing this theory and branding its advocates as ‘shamaniacs’. Perhaps the contention lies with “the loose use of labels and names such as shamanism that has led to some of the confusion” (Taçon, 2006). Often shamanism has been used to rationalize almost everything in a way that suggests it was “shamans and their initiates that…

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  • The 1920's: The Harlem Renaissance

    developing skills. “After many harsh years of slavery, the African American was in great need of happiness and celebration. Because of this, a time of fun, art, and music was born; we call this era The Harlem Renaissance” (“African Americans in the Harlem Ren” 1). This movement took place during the 1920’s to the mid 30’s. Many black landed in Manhattan, New York around 1918. In the 1920’s, Harlem was ethnically intense with cultural empowerment that promoted artists, musicians, poets, and…

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