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  • The Characters And Audience In Doubt: A Parable

    reason to raise alarms in one 's head but this is not enough to prove wrong doing on to Father Flynn. To Sister Aloysius, "Father Flynn embodies a rebellious liberal who contradicts the obedience and dogma that defines the church and her life."(Stefanovici 214). Sister Aloysius expresses her displeasure with Father Flynn in the meeting that he attends with her through her questioning of the length of his nails as well as her being slightly appalled by the amount of sugar he placed in his tea, which is excessive by Sister Aloysius standards and the fact that he uses a ballpoint pen instead of a fountain pen. Sister Aloysius also conveys her dislike when Father Flynn gives his idea for a secular song in the Christmas Pageant and she rejects it. "I don 't think so. "Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" would be fine I suppose. The parents would like it. May I ask what you wrote down? With that ballpoint pen."(Shanley 1480). The exact opposite is thought of Father Flynn by others in the church, as he is a mentor to the children and views the parishioners as his own family. Although Sister Aloysius has her doubts she does not go to her higher ups to report it immediately. Instead of going through disclosing the situation up the hierarchy she explains to Sister James that she must have a meeting with Father Flynn to ascertain her Doubt 's and Sister James must be there due to the fact that she will need a witness in case Father Flynn admits to wrong doing as well as…

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  • Erika Case Study

    strong and influential agreement. Secondly, she can approach Mr. Feng by mail and let him know that she will be in Taipei in coming days and her company DGG is interested in collaborating with Global Services to make good business in eastern countries. This approach in general will not have such negative consequences and will help company and Erika in a positive manner by opening their fountain pen industry once again east. It will be only possible if Erika will be able to handle the situation…

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  • The Importance Of Writing As An Art

    are one if you do good research. Prior to this class I used to think that I had to write and rewrite multiple drafts of a paper in order to get it right. I would take the ideas in my outline format and sit down and pen my first draft. Next, I used to write the whole draft, get it critiqued, write another one, and ad infinitum until I got feedback that the writing was ideal or as good as it was going to get. After taking this class I now realize that the draft process is kind of antiquated. The…

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  • Why I Write Research Paper

    But it was not the same drained feeling I got after venting all of my anger. This is good though. Death is not something that one just deals with right away and then forgets about it. This tragedy will stay with me for quite some time. Eventually it will not consume my thoughts and cause me to look at life differently but it will stay with me in the back of my mind. Maybe years down the road when I am teaching a high school English class, I will give my students an assignment that brings…

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  • Life Taker Of Souls: A Short Story

    It was okay, she was just another girl who did not understand me. At least she was gone now. Arriving at the water fountain, I looked into the shining water. The fountain was made of pure white stone with flecks of blue to cover it. Standing in the middle of the pool was a hooded man with one hand raised in front of him as if to stop someone. Water gushed out of where the man’s eyes were, but it was hard to tell because of the flickering light of the torches. A low stone wall made of the same…

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  • Shopping Center Assessment Paper

    of reach. In addition, the magazine and cd shelves were too deep to access items further back. Unless the client were using a reacher, assistance would be needed. Safety could come into play if a client were reaching for an item and it fell over on them. The checkout counters and area provided adequate space for a wheelchair to maneuver. The counters were 34 inches high and the card readers were 42 inches high. A slight reach may be required. Seating: The store didn’t provide any seating at…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Written Communication

    Do you remember the excitement as a child to receive something in the mail? Every day you would run to the mailbox with hopes of getting mail. Children in today’s society don’t know the excitement that comes with the mail. Today’s children will grow up to expect emails, texts, and other forms of technology. What is the true importance of written communication? Some may say that there is none while others wish we could go back in time to when that was the only communication we had. The true…

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  • Reflection: Improving My Writing Class

    The read aloud of my different classmate’s examples also play a big role in this class for me. I was able to learn from their examples and class readings, incorporating different strategies into my own writing. I would not consider myself to be an awful writer, but I do would consider myself as a writer in the process. What do I mean by this? Well, as a writer, I have amazing ideas, but I seem to struggle putting my ideas and thoughts down on paper. Being that English is my second language I…

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  • Personal Essay: My Writing Process

    Everyone has his or her own writing process. I believe that my writing process is ambitious because even though I struggle sometimes trying to get started, I don’t panic because I know that I will figure it out eventually. My writing process is like hitting a brick wall but once I get started I find my writing interesting. From the readings, I learned to write everything down in my first draft and not be ashamed of what I write. As you walk into my bedroom, the first thing that you see is my…

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  • Reflection On The Student's Preplanning Sheet

    For the focus lesson, I first returned the student’s preplanning sheets, which were “My family” bubble planning and “My small moment”. Since this was the second lesson, the students had already completed their planning sheets the day before. I gave feedback to students on these planning sheets and returned them to students at the beginning of the focus lesson. The first sheet of this was for the students to brainstorm and write ideas about their family members. The other sheet was “My small…

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