Erika Case Study

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1) Discuss specific tactical options available to Erika and their consequences?

According to the case, it seems that Erika have only limited time to deal with the situation. To make the positive outcomes from the negotiation with Mr. Feng she has to put her “best foot forward”. Moreover, the business relationships in Asian countries take time to evolve and are tend as most important thing for making a good agreement between the parties. Hence, it’s upto Erika only to decide which way to go.

Mainly, she has following three tactical options available for “a robust negotiation”:

1) Filing Lawsuit against Global Service Company:
The first option, which Erika can go, is that her company DGG can file lawsuit against Mr. Feng and his company under the violation of their company trademark. This option might not be helpful in gaining the huge benefits but will compensate by paying “royalty damages”. Moreover, this is the only way to save time as it will take only few months for whole procedure and securing the image of the company at worldwide level by obtaining all the rights of the company. But this kind of negotiation will have it’s own consequences as it might lead to the downfall of DGG company in Asian market, as other companies in Asia will fear to extend business relationships. And
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Feng, Erika might have to deal with different kinds of cultural barriers. For example: people from Germany are very detail oriented and direct in their details, whereas, Southeast-Asian people are not direct in their communication but are very polite while passing their decisions even if it’s a negative decision. Moreover, they can also have dearth of communication because of Mr. Feng’s Taipese decency and we can assume that he also might have difficulty in adapting the western culture. Because by looking at the records of Global Business, the company didn’t done any business with United States or any other eastern country after

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