The Characters And Audience In Doubt: A Parable

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How Doubt Affects The Characters and Audience in Doubt: A Parable It is difficult to be certain about anything in this world. In the story "Doubt: A Parable" uncertainty is a predominant feeling whether it be each individual character or the audience. In our everyday lives we come across countless things that we are uncertain of. Doubt is a presence whether it be education, religion, politics, or even living to see another day. The only thing that we are truly certain of is that we are uncertain. Throughout the story "Doubt", uncertainty builds in each characters mind. Though the characters and audience could not prove guilt on any wrong being committed, the belief of its possibility alone was enough to question Father Flynn. Sister Aloysius …show more content…
Instead of going through disclosing the situation up the hierarchy she explains to Sister James that she must have a meeting with Father Flynn to ascertain her Doubt 's and Sister James must be there due to the fact that she will need a witness in case Father Flynn admits to wrong doing as well as going by church rules by not allowing a priest and nun to be in a room alone with one another. Stefanovici states that "Sister Aloysius has to respect the patriarchal hierarchy of the catholic church, so she cannot go to the Bishop, Monsignor Benedict, to complain. Moreover, she knows Monsignor Benedict "thinks the sun rises and sets on Father Flynn" so he will not support her." (Stefanovici 215). If either Sister James or Sister Aloysius were to go to Monsignor Benedict they 'd "be branded an hysteric and transferred."(Shanley 1477). That would make it near impossible for them to prove any wrong doing upon Father Flynn if they are no longer apart of the Church. As Father Flynn arrives to the meeting he engages in small talk with Sister Aloysius to pass time until Sister James arrives so he can enter the room. Sister Aloysius questions Father Flynn about the events that occurred on that day and he remains stout against her questions answering them without hesitation and giving a full explanation of his account of what occurred. Hr explains himself, though he does so reluctantly as

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