Closeness To God In John Patrick Shanley's Play

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Closeness to God is heavily emphasized in the Catholic Church. In John Patrick Shanley’s play Doubt, this relationship is mentioned in Sister Aloysius’ comment to Sister James: “In the pursuit of wrongdoing, one steps away from God. Of course, there’s a price” (58). Often when one strives to prevent misbehavior, they undermine their own morality in the process, leading to deep repercussions. Still, the question remains, is it worth it? All of the characters step away from God as they march through the unforgiving winds at St. Nicholas school. However, the consequences they endure are worth it as they grow as characters and uphold the morals and positions most important to them. As a nun, Sister James makes weak decisions that bring difficulties that are rightly compensated by her …show more content…
The first signs of her ignorance are shown when Father Flynn metaphorically refers to Sister Aloysius as a “dragon” (film). Sister James, who is oblivious to the severity of the remark, is quick to laugh. In the wake of blindly trusting Father Flynn’s good intentions, she violates the hierarchy of the Church by mocking her superior. Through the wavering of her support between Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn, James’ loyalty becomes questionable. At one point she trusts Aloysius enough to tell her about Father Flynn’s interest in Donald Muller. At another, she is confiding with the priest, who, signifying the motif of hands, “pats her uneasily” for comfort (42). While it can be said these steps away from God were an effect of James’ doubt, it seems the more dominant motive was the desire for comfort and in this case, by the wrong person. Father Flynn does not say anything that proves his innocence, yet immediately after he consoles her, she says she does not believe Aloysius. Not only is she glazing over his words again, she is also betraying

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