Theme Of Empathy In To Kill A Mockingbird

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"To Kill A Mockingbird"

Throughout the story of " To Kill A Mockingbird " Scout will learn how to use empathy and show compassion to solve disagreements between her and fellow residents of Maycomb. Being a ' Tom boy ' in Scouts society is not ideal for women. Aunt Alexandra would like for Scout to act more feminine despite Scout having no interest in doing so. Scouts new teacher, Miss Caroline, would like to control the rate in which Scout learns to read. This would include not letting Atticus read to scout every night like he usually does. Scout and ,her brother, Jem are both afraid of their neighbor Arthur (a.k.a Boo) Radley whom they have never seen before. Throughout the novel Scout and Jem will try to learn more about Boo Radley.
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This is Scout 's first year of school and it 's also Miss Caroline 's first year as a teacher and resistant of Maycomb, having moved from North Alabama, Winston County. When Miss Caroline tells Scout to read ' My First Reader ' and ' The Mobile Register ' she finds out that Scout is literate. Miss Caroline then tells Scout to tell Atticus to refrain from teaching Scout how to read. During recess Jem tells Scout that "... Miss Caroline introducing a new way of teaching. She learned about it in college". (Chap. 2, pages 23, 24). During lunch sees that Walter Cunningham has no lunch. Miss Caroline offers Walter a quarter, but he does not accept the quarter. The reason for Walter not accepting the quarter is Ambiguous to Miss Caroline. Scout explains to Miss Caroline that Walter is a Cunningham and " The Cunninghams never took anything they can 't pay back..."( chap. 2, page 26 ). Explaining this gets Scout I trouble. After dinner, when Atticus offers to read to Scout, Scout tells Atticus what happened in school. Atticus tells Scout a ' Simple trick ' to getting along with people. " You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it" ( Chap 3 page 39 ). Using Atticus ' simple trick helps Scout realizes that what Miss Caroline did was a honest mistake because she is new …show more content…
Alexandra ploys to make Scout more ' Lady like ' and berating Scout for not wanting to wear dresses makes Scout grow to dislike her Aunt. While Atticus worked on the Tom Robinson case Alexandra comes to Maycomb to live with Scout and Jem to provide a 'feminine influence '. Aunt Alexandra, along with the rest of the Finch Household does not approve of Atticus defending a Tom Robinson, a black man. As the Tom Robinson case goes on Alexandra sees how passionate Atticus is about giving Tom a fair trial . When Tom Robinson is found guilty Alexandra notices the effects of racism and how much it bothers her nephew. When Alexandra says " Is he all right " and " I didn 't think it wise in the first place to let them__" ( Chap. 22 pages 284,285) it shows that Alexandra is empathetic to Jem 's feelings about verdict of Tom Robinson 's trial. In Chapter twenty four Scout has to attend Aunt Alexandra 's meeting with her missionary circle. During this meeting Scout is required to act Feminine, even though she would rather be playing with Jem and Dill. In the mist of the meeting Atticus come to talk to Calpurnia in the kitchen. Alexandra follows along with Scout to the kitchen. Atticus wants Calpurnia to go with him to Helen Robinson 's, Tom Robinson 's wife, house to Helen solace because Tom Robinson is dead. Alexandra is told by Atticus that Tom has been shot trying to escape the prison yard.

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