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  • Analysis Of Doubt, A Parable By John Patrick Shanley

    He pushes on the walls of her firm values, and Sister Aloysius intensely dislikes this, as seen with her appalled response. As well, the reader sees a similar response of concealed fury from Sister Aloysius when she notices that Father Flynn uses a ballpoint pen. Earlier on in the play the reader is informed of Sister Aloysius’ hatred for ballpoint pens, and such is evidently displayed with her tone when she mentions Father Flynn’s use of ballpoint pens. By associating ballpoint pens to Father Flynn, Sister Aloysius naturally develops negative feelings for Father Flynn. In addition, Father Flynn has an extremely different approach to education, in comparison to Sister Aloysius. Father Flynn believes in having a relaxed relationship with one’s students, whereas Sister Aloysius believes in strict teaching. Such is seen when Father Flynn is willing to neglect Donald Muller’s offence of drinking altar wine, whereas Sister Aloysius is not. Although Sister Aloysius does not directly comment on Father Flynn’s teaching, noting her comments on Sister James teaching style, similar to…

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  • Mousetrap Car Research Paper

    amount of time. To do this, we researched various ways to create a mousetrap car. Additionally, we incorporated our own ideas to enhance the construction after trial and error. First, our team gathered all of the necessary materials that we would need to construct the car. These materials included one mousetrap, cardboard pieces, six balloons, four eye hooks, 2 smooth pens, string, and four small records. However, there were a few steps that had to be taken before connecting all of the…

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  • The Characters And Audience In Doubt: A Parable

    reason to raise alarms in one 's head but this is not enough to prove wrong doing on to Father Flynn. To Sister Aloysius, "Father Flynn embodies a rebellious liberal who contradicts the obedience and dogma that defines the church and her life."(Stefanovici 214). Sister Aloysius expresses her displeasure with Father Flynn in the meeting that he attends with her through her questioning of the length of his nails as well as her being slightly appalled by the amount of sugar he placed in his tea,…

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  • Marcus Wicker

    So Sad.” convey the compulsion of writing. The speaker’s pen begs for the chance to write, “Use me. Use them. Write/ their stories” (Wicker 41). The use of italics is to convey to the reader the internal dialogue of the speaker as a writer; they have a drive to craft stories from the inspiration around them. Wicker’s use of enjambment in ending the line with “Write,” allows the speaker to give himself and the reader a command. It is following this line that the speaker alienations part of the…

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  • Termite Experiment Essay

    We used several inked pens which were blue, green and red. Also, a paper, a ruler, a small brush and of course a tube containing the termites. The experiment started by the teacher giving us the required materials. A student in the group drawn different lines with different colors. Another student put a termite on each different lines. At this point, we can formulate a hypothesis, which is that termites follow any line. To test our hypothesis, we placed a single termite at the beginning of a…

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  • The Importance Of Writing As An Art

    are one if you do good research. Prior to this class I used to think that I had to write and rewrite multiple drafts of a paper in order to get it right. I would take the ideas in my outline format and sit down and pen my first draft. Next, I used to write the whole draft, get it critiqued, write another one, and ad infinitum until I got feedback that the writing was ideal or as good as it was going to get. After taking this class I now realize that the draft process is kind of antiquated. The…

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  • Why I Write Research Paper

    But it was not the same drained feeling I got after venting all of my anger. This is good though. Death is not something that one just deals with right away and then forgets about it. This tragedy will stay with me for quite some time. Eventually it will not consume my thoughts and cause me to look at life differently but it will stay with me in the back of my mind. Maybe years down the road when I am teaching a high school English class, I will give my students an assignment that brings…

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  • Zentangle Research Paper

    That’s because their face and their name are stored in separate areas of your left brain. It’s the job of the right side of your brain to recall those images and labels and put them together for you. That’s just one of the benefits of Zentangle drawing over just coloring in an outline on a page. Zentangle exercises those neural connections when you draw the tangles. Creating Zentangle art is really easy and fast. You traditionally work on a small 3 ½”x3 ½” quality paper tile that you can finish…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Written Communication

    Do you remember the excitement as a child to receive something in the mail? Every day you would run to the mailbox with hopes of getting mail. Children in today’s society don’t know the excitement that comes with the mail. Today’s children will grow up to expect emails, texts, and other forms of technology. What is the true importance of written communication? Some may say that there is none while others wish we could go back in time to when that was the only communication we had. The true…

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  • Reflection: Improving My Writing Class

    The read aloud of my different classmate’s examples also play a big role in this class for me. I was able to learn from their examples and class readings, incorporating different strategies into my own writing. I would not consider myself to be an awful writer, but I do would consider myself as a writer in the process. What do I mean by this? Well, as a writer, I have amazing ideas, but I seem to struggle putting my ideas and thoughts down on paper. Being that English is my second language I…

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