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  • Motorcycle Club Research Paper

    What caused the explosive confrontation, in public, between the Cossacks and the Bandidos? Motorcycle clubs in America have a long history of civil conflict. In this outlaw culture, violence is normal and frequent; however, these stories rarely make the news due to witness intimidation and the clubs’ inferred code of silence. Outlaw motorcycle clubs live by their own set of laws, and the patches that they wear are held sacred; any act of disrespect toward a clubs patches is considered to be the highest insult to the club. How did one patch, with five letters on it, end with nine people dead, 18 wounded, and nearly 200 arrests? There were three main causes of the deadliest biker brawl in Texas history between the Cossacks and Bandidos; the fight…

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  • Gangs: Gang Life

    nearly fifty separate shootings in the past sixteen months, leaving three innocent men dead and at least seventeen injured. Christian Hickey who was only seven and his mother who was twenty-nine were shot in the legs by a hired hitman who knocked on their door of the home in their suburban home in Salford. Two innocent men were shot and killed in different parts of Manchester; they were both shot with the same gun. On a street in Salford was targeted four times in seven months with a house shot…

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  • Essay On Bandidos

    The Bandidos outlaw bikie gang, is one of the fastest-growing outlaw motorcycle gang in the 21st century. With over 90 chapters in Europe, 90 in the USA and 17 chapters down in the dusty plains of Australia. But who’s the man behind the scenes that forged this club together. The man convicted of murdering two drug dealers and serving a life sentence, Donald Eugene Chambers is the American founder of the Bandidos outlaw bikie gang. Donald Chambers, straight out of the Marine Corps in Vietnam…

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  • Hell's Angels Identity

    Imagine riding across an open highway with all your brothers. Your Harleys are roaring through the canyons and valleys, deep down you fear nothing because no one in their right mind would bother you. This is what it is like to ride as a member of the Hells Angels. The Hells Angels are a motorcycle club known to be associated with drug trafficking. Before they became a motorcycle club, the group started as a crew manning a B-29 Superfortress named “Hell’s Angels”. The crew flew missions over…

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  • Bandido: The Life And Times Of Tiburcio Vasquez

    The 19th century was a critical period for the people of Mexican decent who resided in California. These people, known as Californios during this time period, were subjugated to the heinous crimes that occurred as a result of the Anglo Americans who were beginning to move west. In his detailed biography, “Bandido: The Life and Times of Tiburcio Vasquez”, John Boessenecker further develops the issues the Californios encountered in the 1800’s that gave rise to the famous bandit Tiburcio Vasquez.…

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  • Lemon Grove Incident Analysis

    The author Charles Ramirez-Berg in the book Latino Images, he discuses the negative images that are stereotyped against Latinos. Berg argues that the image of a bandido is often perceived as a lazy, violent, criminal, Mexican person (Berg 2002). He further argues that the image of a Mexican bandido has remained in American media through different shapes and forms; the contemporary bandido is now a criminal portrayed through drug dealers or gangsters (Berg 2002). Berg argues that the reason…

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  • Chicano Moratorium Analysis

    In the “Chicano Moratorium” we saw the protest against the Vietnam War that was held in East Los Angeles in August 29, 1970. On this short documentary we saw the violence that police were using against the protestors which in this case a lot of them were Chicanos. The level of violence that use on this protests was horrible because there was no need for that much use of violence from the police. Honestly all the elements above can be connected to the “Chicano Moratorium”, for example The…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Motorcycle Gathering

    A motorcycle gathering at a sports bar turned into a bloodbath Sunday, May,17 2015 when a bathroom scuffle between rival biker gang members escalated into a parking-lot shootout. Eight members of the motorcycle clubs; The Cossacks, The Bandidos, and The Scimitars were killed at the scene and another died at a Waco hospital. Sergeant Swanton said “the injured were taken to hospitals with multiple gunshot and stab wounds”.(Amanda Art) In Waco, police declined to name all the motorcycle gangs…

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  • Stereotypes In West Side Story

    This phrase is not one of my own but one that was created by Charles Ramírez-Berg. Out of the two variations of the Hollywood bandido, Ramírez-Berg’s second version fits the movie better, the “inner-city gang member”. This type of gang member is different because it isn’t the same as the first one. Ramírez-Berg states, “… the Latin American gangster/ drug runner… He is slicker, of course, and he has traded in his black hat for a white suit, his tired house for a glitzy car, but he still…

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  • Short Story Of Kilowatt: Third Generation Ultra

    maybe a part of Los Bandidos del Diablo? “I think these other men are part of that motorcycle gang, Los Bandidos del Diablo.” Thunderbolt felt the blood drain from his face. Instinctively, he reached down toward the phantom itch just below his prosthetic. “Mijo, get out of there. Right now.” “No way. I just about have the purchase recorded,” he said. The biker stepped forward, “Hermanos, step up, take a look at these guns.” “I swear, they’re the best money can buy. Hell, I’ll even throw in some…

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