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  • The Evolution Of The Giant Panda

    the giant pandas, we need to establish more nature reserves with more understory bamboos. Understory bamboos are not only an important food source for the giant pandas but also a profitable plantation for local people. More importantly, it is an inevitable part of the Eco-forest system. Besides, we also need to do more research on the giant pandas because they are an iconic and important species, beloved by the people of China.…

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  • The Giant Panda And Animals In The Bear Family

    the same habitat, they have similar bamboo diets, and they both have a pseudo thumb. How Giant Pandas look Giant pandas have a distinctive black and white fur coat,…

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  • Giant Panda Essay

    Due to economic development in China, pandas have lost much of their habitat and are still being hunted for their fur. Poaching is the illegal taking of wildlife, in violation of local, state, federal or international law4. Poaching of giant pandas in China occurs in order to obtain their fur. Giant panda fur is rare and very expensive, averaging to about $65,0004. Moreover, it is very easy to get the giant pandas; around five to six people will go out to the areas with a heavy-duty metal cage,…

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  • Essay On Red Panda

    900 feet and 13,000 feet (Red Panda Facts). Almost fifty percent of the population of the red pandas live in this area (Red Panda, World). A larger amount of red pandas live in the forests of Sikkim in northern India and Bhutan. The largest amount of red pandas share their habitat with their giant panda cousins (Red Panda Facts). However, the area of their habitat is decreasing, so the World Wildlife Fund is working with local communities to reduce the amount of trees in their habitat from being…

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  • Bamboo Essay

    replacing bone and mimicking their structure for, various applications. When looking at biological materials, to determine their effectiveness as a scaffold or sufficient structure for various other uses, often they are tested for their resistance to fracture. This is referred to as fracture propagation. Bamboo Bamboo is well known for its sufficient mechanical properties, and great flexibility. It also has great fracture toughness. Bamboo is considered to be a bio composite, meaning it…

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  • White Headed Langur Narrative Report

    Personal Narrative Before we get into the story, let me explain to you what is a white-headed langur. A white-headed langur is a special species of monkey that lives in Chong Zuo, China. This species is one of those endangered species in China just like the panda. Professor Pan from the University of Beijing was sent to research and rescue the monkey from danger. Professor Pan was a famous scientist of animals. He was sent to save both pandas and dolphins and had honored by the government.…

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  • The Bamboo Grove

    In a library, there are countless books. All with countless stories. Both good and bad help more and more people become interested in reading and learning about different things. So Far From the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawashima Watkins teaches the story of WWII from a side that you rarely hear about. And while So Far From the Bamboo Grove by Mrs. Watkins a good book, it is incredibly detailed in the pain she went through, and shouldn’t be read in any middle or elementary school. So Far From the…

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  • Bamboo Bedding Essay

    The Secret to Sleeping Soundly – Organic Bamboo Bedding We’ve all heard tips like “just start counting sheep” or “just breathe in and out slowly.” Yet do any of those tricks ever work for you? So, what is the secret to falling asleep and staying asleep? Well, the real secret to sleeping soundly at night is having the right type of bedding– organic bamboo bedding. How can bamboo bedding help you sleep through the night? Specifically, bamboo bedding can help alleviate the following four common…

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  • Bamboo Fencing Benefits

    Bamboo fencing is an improving and earth agreeable contrasting option to steel or wood. Bamboo has a few points of interest as a fencing material. To start with it is a grass and not a wood, so it sets aside less opportunity to develop and renew the supply. Truth be told it just takes 5 to 7 years to grow a develop bamboo plant for gathering while wood takes 50 to 100 years. The second favorable position of utilizing bamboo as your fencing material is that it is solid and strong. At last bamboo…

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  • A Summary Of Moso Bamboo

    A different type of Japanese bamboo had been studied by Phong et al. (2012). Moso bamboo was harvested and processed using several methods to obtain the fiber. In alkali extraction method, the bamboo was cut into thin slabs with length and thickness of 25 cm and 3 mm, respectively. The slabs were immersed in different concentration NaOH solution (1%, 2%, 3%) at 70 ⁰C for 10 h. This study showed that only 1% NaOH resulted in higher mechanical properties. The roller looser was then used to produce…

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