Bangladesh Liberation War

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  • The Geneva Conventions: The War Of Liberation Of Bangladesh

    Bangladesh Case Study by: Christie Rosengren, Jessie Patterson, Lara Carpenter, Louisa Matheny, Nathan Toenjes Introduction The small tropical country of Bangladesh is the result of a bitter civil war that divided the country of Pakistan into two nations. The violence of this war is rated as one of the top 5 genocides in the twentieth century by The Guinness Book of Records. Mass murder committed by the Pakistani Army against millions of Bengalis led to East Pakistan seceding from the West and the beginning of Bangladesh in December 1971. When the countries of Pakistan and India were first formed, there was an East and West Pakistan drawn on either side of India. These two newly formed Pakistani provinces were created for the Muslim…

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  • Identity Crisis Essay

    simple idea: for Alam Home remains his house in Park Street, Calcutta even though his homeland, politically, is Bangladesh. Traveling to Calcutta for a 'Friendship ' Seminar between the two countries Alam is surprised at the seriousness of his friend 's comment, who points out, 'This sky belongs to India; we have no citizen 's right over it’ (Palit, 53). The story presents two kinds of sensibilities: one, through Alam who believes that the people sharing one language, one dress, same food and…

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  • Eco Friendly Venture Ecourier Case Study

    Youth entrepreneurship is a buzz issue nowadays in Bangladesh. Many students and recent graduates are fervent to found a startup rather than to go job market. This is a fabulous scene of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country. Aspirants are working to develop Apps, running e-com sites, fintech, edutech, media startup and so forth. Consequently, smooth logistical operations have always considered a strategic role in business. Due to the lack of proper supply chain management system, it…

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  • Causes Of Climate Change Refugees

    Some of these islands are a mere 2 meters about water (Birkey, 2014) and their groundwater and infrastructure are threatening by this rise. Another commonly cited example, Bangladesh, is one of the nation 's most at-risk nations in the wake of climate change — nearly 200,000 Bangladeshis “become homeless each year due to river erosion” (Lieberman, 2015) — is one of the most vulnerable nations in terms of climate change (Yusuf, 2009.) Despite the Paris talks, National Economies Forum meetings and…

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  • Causes Of The Second Kashmir War

    The Second Kashmir War broke out in April of 1965 and lasted until September of that year. Ironically, the root of the conflict was not in Kashmir, it was farther south in the modern Indian state of Gujrat. After the First Kashmir War, the UN created a ceasefire line which was religiously observed by both nations in Kashmir, but in many other areas of the border, it was vague. The border in the Rann of Kutch along the Indian Ocean was highly disputed, and it led to many small skirmishes in the…

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  • Case Study Of Leather House: A Leather Goods Manufacturing Company

    1.0 Introduction: Leather House is a leather goods manufacturing company. We started our journey in Bangladesh from June 20, 2015. Leather products are basically two types, one is ‘Footwear’ and another is ‘Goods’. This company is doing their business in leather goods. Leather house is a private company. The name of the owner of this company is Md. Anwar Hossain. As a leather manufacturer they are focusing on produce high quality products. We have our own factory in Hazaribagh, Dhaka. We use…

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  • Folk Music In Bengali Essay

    Art, Culture and literature form the foundation of a typical Bengali society and a Bengali household without music and literature is somewhat unimaginable. Music is the soul of Bengal and the traditional folk music mirrors the image of rural Bengal. The folk music has its origin as early as the 4th century with the advent of the invaders in Bengal and other provinces of colonial India. Bengali folk music has poetry, drama, epic, folktales, ballads and proverbs etc. The ethnic folk music forms…

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  • Maria Zadie Smith Biography

    fiction. I also came across one of her conversation and a QA session from Hong Kong that gave me more in depth idea about her, who she is as a writer. Maria Chaudhuri’s background and grown up history is nowhere close to Abeer or Tanwi Islam in real life. She grew up in Dhaka, as I stated before that in a well off family, blended with Desi plus Islamic and westernized leaned cultural trend type society (this is the sense I got about her from the book ‘Beloved Stranger’). Not essentially I…

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  • The War Of 1971 And The Indo-Pakistan War

    The war that I have decided to focus on for the purposes of my paper is the India-Pakistan war, more specifically the war of 1971. India and Pakistan have always been confronting each other due to their opposing ethnic, religious and political differences. The war of 1971 was the third war between India and Pakistan and the origins of this war were different from previous wars. Since the partition of British India and Pakistan in 1947 there have always been constant conflict and tension. The…

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  • Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh Case Study

    the relation between Myanmar and Bangladesh since 1970s. The crisis of Rohingya problem started in the Rakhaine state of Myanmar when the then military Janta governments widespread violence of human rights against the Muslim minority. Having no citizenship right and continuously tortured by the state sponsored violence Rohingya people fled Myanmar and entered neighboring countries mainly Bangladesh as it is the easiest way to enter Bangladesh crossing Naf river. The horrible scene is appeared in…

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