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  • Penobscot County Health Essay

    Penobscot County Health Penobscot county is one of the sixteen counties in the state of Maine. 153,414 out of the 1,330,089 individuals who live in Maine reside in here. Penobscot County is rated worse than the state of Maine in many measures of health. Overall, in health it is ranked 12th. Demographic factors in the county that are related to the heath status include age and race. Penobscot county has less individuals who are below 18 years of age. 18.7% are under the age of 18 while state wide 19.5% of the population are under the age of 18. This demographic is related to the health status of Penobscot county, because younger children are more likely to be more active and therefore healthier. It is more likely for a county with less individuals under the age of 18 to be ranked worse, because the higher proportion of older individuals leads to a higher chance of health issues The percentage of American Indians and Alaskan Natives in Penobscot county is 1.2% which is higher than the 0.7% state wide. One possible reason for this could be because there is the Penobscot Indian Island Reservation which is located in this county. Often times these reservations have their own way of life, they are active in more outdoor activities, and also have different education and health procedures. This is important when looking at the health status of Penobscot county, because this population of individuals may effect the overall outcome more strongly than a county without a reservation.…

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  • What Is The Purpose Of Motivation Essay

    Emotional, physical and environmental safety comes under the safety needs. In detail the safety needs can be of security from jobs, family, health etc. Being a mortal soul the support from the life partner, parents, peers etc. is pertinent and this known as social need for a human being. It may also include the care and affection also. One can achieve his/her goals in life only with the support from family and friends. Internal and external esteem needs are the principal needs for any human…

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  • Observation: The Importance Of Structure In The Classroom

    I have heard of the encyclopedia, but I have never actually seen it and I was unaware that the encyclopedia had an online website. After my observation at Bangor High School, I decided to look more closely to Britannica and I was pleasantly surprised how well the encyclopedia was set up. Britannica has some similarities to Wikipedia, but it seems to be better set up and more reliable. I have always used Wikipedia with my research papers and such, but I now believe that I will start using…

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  • Midwest Student Exchange Persuasive Essay

    out-of-state tuition. a. Public institutions are required to keep out-of-state tuition for Midwest students to 150% or less of in-state tuition. (MSEP) (P) b. Private institutions may voluntarily join the MSEP and offer Midwest students a 10% discount off of normal out-of-state tuition rates. 3. This solution is proven to have benefits with reducing college tuition. a. According to the MSEP website, the student exchange saves enrolled students an average of almost six thousand dollars a year.…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Whale

    Mission • Value for their customer • Business growth • Secure, rewarding employment • Active support to charities Values • Radiate Passion • Integrity in all they do • Strive for Excellence • Respect for individuals Functions of various departments Whale's marine team is made up of a close knit group of technical, engineering and customer support staff. From their head office in Bangor Northern Ireland, and their sales offices in Manchester, USA, France, and Sweden, and are constantly striving…

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  • Work Based Action Plan

    Work Based Action Plan In order to prepare an action plan achievable goals need to be set to ensure the placement will be beneficial and worthwhile. Additional to this a number of objectives are set to help achieve the set goals. The objectives need to be SMART which means each one needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. This means that the objectives will be achievable and the set goals will be accomplished. I have set myself two goals to achieve by the end of…

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  • Penobscot Job Corp Center Reflection

    this same action and have even been part of this, so I can see where the student was coming from. This student had already accomplished everything he needed to do and was only waiting on finding a job so he could leave. At first the teacher ignored the disruption, as it truly wasn 't a major issue, but as the minutes passed it began to develop into more of an issue. I expected the teacher to eventually grow impatient and then have a discussion with the student. However, I witnessed the teacher…

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  • Shelter Darwin

    show Bones is based on. In her teen series Virals, Tory Brennan the niece of Temperance is the leader of a group of misfit teenagers who live on secluded Morris Island off the coast of South Carolina in housing provided by the Loggerhead Island Research Institute. Tory, Hiram, Ben and Shelton attend the prestigious Bolton Academy in Charleston, the fees which are paid for by LIRI. The group is exposed to an experimental strain of canine parvovirus when they rescue Cooper, from a cage at LIRI…

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  • A Death By Stephen King Analysis

    and write full time. In the simmer of 1973 King moved him and his family to Southern Maine to be with his sick mother. During this time his mother, Nellie Ruth Pilsbury died from cancer. They year after that “Carrie” was published. That same time the Kings moved from Maine to Boulder, Colorado for a short time where Stephen wrote “The Shining.” King then moved his family back to Maine in 1975. They bought a house and King wrote two more stories. Fast-forward a couple years to 1977, King and his…

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  • Windham Middle School Short Story

    Why would you dump water on somebody at school? Especially during lunch in front of the entire 8th. Is it to get revenge? At Windham Middle School a male student decided to dump water on another male student. Witnesses say he did it because the other male student was “checking” out his girlfriend. As the water was spilled the male student was only upset about his shoes getting wet. “All he did was take his shoes off and said ‘my shoes!’ very loudly,” a witness on the scene said. The next day,…

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