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Task 1
I am a business consultant in small business consultancy firm. As part of my Job specification I have selected a company to provide an orientation to a small firm. The following is the profile of the selected Company “ Whale”.
‘Whale” has led the way since way back in the 1940s with ground breaking pump design through to recent innovation leaps in intelligent control electronic pump systems and gas or electric heating systems for water and space in recreational vehicles.
The companies’ forward thinking approach is driven by a dedicated team who exude a passion for delivering the best possible product and service to their customers. We share a contagious enthusiasm for innovation.
Whale is a well-known brand with
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• Value for their customer
Business growth
• Secure, rewarding employment
• Active support to charities
• Radiate Passion
• Integrity in all they do
• Strive for Excellence
• Respect for individuals

Functions of various departments
Whale's marine team is made up of a close knit group of technical, engineering and customer support staff. From their head office in Bangor Northern Ireland, and their sales offices in Manchester, USA, France, and Sweden, and are constantly striving to bring the latest innovations in water and waste pump systems and excellent customer service
The team is led by Keith Nixon, a technical and commercial sales manager with more than 18 years’ experience designing and building Whale products and strong collaborative relationships with boat builders.
The team has 5 various departments:
Commercial team which consists of seven members
Customer support team which consists of two members
Engineering team which consists of three members
Marketing team has one team member
Quality has one team member too.

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From the company's Northern Ireland based facility, the company exports its own designed and manufactured goods to more than 48 countries around the world. With additional sales offices in England, North America, and most recently Sweden and a customer service team based in both the Northern Ireland and N. American facilities, Whale's team are on hand to provide support and installation advice as required. It was during the Second World War that the business started making brass pumps on which today's company was founded.
Today, the business is almost unique in its markets by manufacturing and marketing all its own products. Particularly in the past 4 years, the business has grown significantly beyond the traditional water and bilge products to now include a real technology leaps with intelligent controlled pump systems and water and space heating systems for mobile

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