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  • Mount Vernon Baptist Church: Monthly Prayer Calendar

    Mount Vernon Baptist Church Monthly Prayer Calendar Let us Pray… Day 1: For the world in which we live and breathe: pray that we would be wise and compassionate stewards of our Father’s World. Pray for Christians around the world: that together we will be faithful witnesses of the Gospel and the kingdom of God. Day 2: For our World: that our leaders may govern wisely, recognizing their need for God’s guidance and that as citizens we may live responsibly, seeking justice and righteousness, fulfilling the divine purpose of reconciliation. Day 3: For our Nation: that our leaders, public servants, police officers, emergency service personnel may work for the good of all, and that all citizens may live responsibly…

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  • John The Baptist Research Paper

    John the Baptist was the son of Zechariah, the priest, and his wife, Elizabeth. To begin with, Zechariah and Elizabeth were both rather old to even consider the possibility of conceiving a child. With this in mind, Zechariah could not believe what the angel Gabriel told him while he was doing priestly services in the Holy Place at Jerusalem. The angel said, "Do not be afraid, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John.”…

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  • Analysis Of A Service At Peace Missionary Baptist Church

    On Tuesday August 25, 2015 I attended a service at Peace Missionary Baptist Church. The man of the hour was Dr. Jerry Carter from a church in Pennsylvania. His message for the night was “Beginning again”. Now before I give my opinion on the message given I would first like to give you a brief glimpse into my background. I unlike many of the students at Apex did not grow up in a Baptist Church in the south. I was never forced to attend church until I became 12 years old. My mother had always…

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  • John The Baptist Chapter 3 Analysis

    In the begging of chapter three in the Gospel according to Luke the message of John the Baptist is presented. In the first fourteen verses of this chapter, the author tells the story of John the Baptist and what he is intending to do with his ministry. Many come to him to be baptized and with every type of person, John has a message. This message is still appropriate to us in this day and age. He calls us all to “Prepare the way for the Lord”! Before this passage can be analyzed it is imperative…

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  • New Dawn Baptist Church Case Study

    New Dawn Baptist Church is a daughter church of New Estate Baptist Church, Surulere, Lagos. In 1983, New Estate Baptist Church implemented a cell church system under the leadership of the then pastor, Dr. Sola Aworinde. Several cells were created in different parts of the city of Lagos. Each of them became fellowship centers meeting primarily on Sunday evenings. They were called Home Fellowships. In due time, the Church decided on a policy of planting new churches using the Home Cells as the…

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  • First Baptist Church In Denton, Texas: Music Analysis

    For this essay, I will be reviewing music in a social context. I attended First Baptist Church in Denton, Texas on October 25, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. I have attended this specific church once before and fell in love with its music and atmosphere. The atmosphere of the church feels very warm, comfortable, and cozy. Both the coordinators and members of the church are very welcoming as they greeted everyone that walks through the doors. The deacons, or coordinators, led us to seating to wait until the…

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  • Essay On Grace Church

    Grace Church Grace Church is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Grace Church opened in August, 2002 but has a long history. Grace Church dates back to 1928 as a small bible congregation and now is what some would call a mega church, weekly attendance is 5,000 people. Choosing a Church I have been wanting to find a church to join for a while now. I live over 45 minutes from what I consider my home church, First Baptist Church of St. Paul on Wacouta and 9th. I enjoy attending church to learn…

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  • Francis Wayland Analysis

    Francis Wayland’s Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches is an extensive anthology of papers, essays, and instructions on Baptist faith and practice. The subjects of the work sprawl from specifically Baptist theological, ethical, and political commitments—i.e., principles—to concrete issues of polity, preaching, ordination, membership, theological curriculum, and sermon preparation—i.e., practices. What unites these essays, of course, is their Baptist distinctiveness, which,…

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  • Obesity And Obese Americans: A Case Study

    In fact, in the study Baptists are said to be the most obese out of every denomination. According to Ferraro, Baptists were the most obese denomination due to the “less healthy eating patterns in the South, home to many Baptists. In the study we controlled for residency and still Baptist women were more likely to be obese. This trend could be related to the strong emphasis for Baptists to avoid alcohol and tobacco, and, as a result, many of them indulge in overeating instead. More research is…

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  • Evangelical Protestants Arguments Against Vegetarianism

    religious principles. Liberal groups fear that evangelical Protestants are overly involved in government and are threatening the separation of church and state (3). The strict moral code and conservative views of evangelical Protestants influence a large part of the country’s political agenda and keep the government grounded to conservative Republican practices, demonstrating involvement when homosexual marriage, stem cell research, and abortion are in question. For most of United States…

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