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  • Christian Church In To Kill A Mockingbird

    An institution is defined as “a place where an organization takes care of people for a usually long period of time” (Merriam-Webster). An example that fits this definition would be the Christian church. The Christian church serves its congregation and the community by providing spiritual guidance and teaching its members core values that are at the heart of Christianity. One of the most commonly practiced values and teachings is “Love your neighbor as yourself” (New International Version, James 2.8). The core belief of love and acceptance that Christianity was founded upon was not practiced in many places, particularly the South, through the 1960s. Many predominantly white, southern Christian churches failed to address racism and failed to…

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  • Essay On Church School Vs Christian School

    The two schools I would like to take the time to compare are very similar, yet vastly different. These schools are the Church school and the Christian school. I have personally have been in both types of schools. I attended the North Platte Baptist School for most of my schooling. I went to the Shenandoah Baptist Academy for one year out of my education. North Platte Baptist School is a church school and Shenandoah Baptist Academy is a Christian school. Many people would think there is no huge…

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  • Christian Church Experience

    I chose to visit a Christian church because I was raised in an atheist household with no prior knowledge of any religious faiths. My lack of knowledge on religion was what actually inspired me to take this class and after a few lessons I realized that in order to understand other religions, I should have a firm understanding of Christianity. The Christian church where I did my site visit was actually a Non-Denominational church which I believe was perfect for my first experience in religion…

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  • Dangerous Of Religion Essay

    The Dangerous or Revolutionary Potential of Religion When I was a child, I was forced to go to church. I use the word “force” because, I didn’t understand the purpose of church. It seemed like something I had to do in order to avoid going to hell rather than something I wanted to do. In my mind, church was a requirement much like school. Like school, I tried to find joy in it where I could: I made friends; I sang; I entertained myself; and I slept, when I was young enough to get away…

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  • Christian Baptist Church Reflection Paper

    instructional text and moral compass that can be acquired. I visited Christian Baptist Church in Linwood, NC. I debated on whether or not I would go to the early morning service or the evening service. I decide that I would go to the morning service on Sunday, February 15. The scared book used at this church was the Holy Bible. However, there are different versions of the Holy Bible. During the service, I noticed that the preacher kept making reference to the King James Version (KJV). He also…

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  • The Hidden Lives Of Manuscriptss By Ronald W. Galinels

    states definition of church. (12) The author argues that the basis of working of congregations is “systemic relationships.” (1) This is more elaborated in his words about congregation as “family.” (7, 8) The purpose of introducing this understanding is to help leaders know how a “congregation works” and what is the cause for it not to work. (Introduction,1) Also, another purpose is to understand how the roles of pastors are played within a congregation. (12) Galindo points out the crucial…

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  • Christianity: The Rise And Fall Of The Christian Church

    entirely foolproof, including our religions. The Christian church had been around since shortly after the switch from B.C. to A.D. because of its longevity there has been a whole slew of triumphs and pit falls, and some of those still follow the church today. The Bible speaks of worship constantly, over eight thousand times actually, and throughout the entirety of the Holy Book the proper way to worship is spelled out clearly. Something the church has lost since the writings of the Psalms is…

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  • Church In America Research Paper

    The church in America is a part of our culture and has been since the beginning. The mindset of our country is changing and this is where the followers of Christ come from. I remember a scandal from the Clinton administration. Hilary Clinton had worn a cross, and the debate was should a government leader, such as a first lady, wear a sign of faith in public. My position back then was if, for her, the cross was a sign of faith then she had a right to wear the symbol, like a Muslim woman should be…

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  • Essay On Pastoral Interview

    For my pastoral interview, I choose to interview the Senior Pastor of Huntington Central Church (Disciples of Christ) Rev. Jacque Parlato. I started the interview by asking Pastor Jacque to describe her call to ministry. More precisely I asked her to describe her calling from the time she first received it up until now. During this question Pastor Jacque began by telling me about her background and early life. She informed me that she was born and raised in Santiago California, to parents that…

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  • Cultural Traditions And Beliefs Essay

    Muslims generally follow ‘salat’, which is a practice of praying five times a day. Or even the Irish(and many others)celebrating St. Patrick 's Day by eating corned beef, going to parades, and getting drunk off their ass; eventually where they can’t walk or even having a drunken rage where they simply pass out. Every culture have these wide range of norms that they become accustomed to; however, some like to break away from those traditions and learn new things. As a little girl, going to church…

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