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  • Christian Democracy: The Similarities Between Luxembourg And Sweden

    institutions, which makes any difference significantly magnified. With these two countries, the central difference that exists across their democratic institutions is the performance of the Christian Democrats. Members of the CDU in Luxembourg have significantly outperformed those in Sweden. During the period from 1994 to 2010 in parliamentary elections, the Christian Democrats in Sweden average 7.65% of the vote while that same party in Luxembourg averaged 33.64%. That is a difference of 25.99%, which is a little more than every one in four people. So the question arises, why do the Christian Democrats perform so much better in Luxembourg than Sweden, when across their democratic institutions the two countries are virtually the same? A few possibilities come to mind, however, one stands among the rest, and that is the religious make-up of the two…

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  • Democratic Breakdown In Chile

    Democratic Breakdown in Chile: Structural or Voluntarist? Why are some democracies successful in ensuring their survival, while others fail and breakdown? This is a question that of great interest to many scholars, and one that is therefore the subject of a great body of research. One example of a democracy that, despite having a long history of democratic transition, eventually failed and led to an authoritarian regime is Chile. There were many reasons to believe in 1970 that Chile would remain…

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  • Democracy In America Essay

    The Democratic Evolution in America Before the year 1650, the American democracy did not yet develop into the sharing of power among all American individuals. Only the higher class of society was given the upper hand, restricting most people from being given their respective natural rights. But due to lower class oppression set by major, earlier democratic events, such as the qualifications for voting rights set by the House of Burgesses, as well as the Maryland Act of Toleration, the lower…

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  • Western Political Influences

    were the Greeks and Romans, the Judeo-Christian beliefs, and the Enlightenment; these influences were pertaining to the ideas of the government and individualism. Western political thought is a subject most U.S. Americans don’t consciously ask themselves: “why do I think this way?” The U.S. Americans just usually shrug it off and continue doing what comes so naturally to them. The western political thought is complex, filled with rich and vibrant history, with multiple ideas happening at once.…

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  • The Deerslayer Summary

    James Fenimore Cooper has a past in the church. He was very active in his hometown church. Later in his life he took on leadership and clergy roles there. He donated a lot of money and supervised the redesigning of the church as his own expense. Also later in his life he was confirmed by the church. He was very publically involved in his home church, so for him to have written a book tying in Christian values is not surprising. Some writers who analyze Cooper’s work said he was the only major…

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  • Hereditary Representative Democracy Essay

    Hereditary Representative Democracy King Mosiah introduced an assembly of rulers sustained by the people from a cast of representative judges. The judges formed the authoritative group who vouchsafed, interpreted and enforced the laws of the nation. These judges inherited their offices through what can be called a hereditary democracy because no judge ruled over the people without the consent of the majority and could be replaced depending on the will of the people. The judgeships consisted of…

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  • Are Abrahamic Religions Compatible

    Abrahamic Religions and it’s Compatibility with Liberal Democracy The topic of religion and democracy’s compatibility is an especially complex one. The academic debates and the current literature express different opinions regarding religion and democratic values and if they are compatible or not. What is meant by compatibility is, if the core values of them both are contradictory or not. This essay will argue that the Abrahamic religions and it’s values are incompatible with liberal…

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  • How Athens Influenced Western Democracy Essay

    Principles and Teachings Influenced Western Democracy A democracy is a type of government in which the citizens elect their officials to represent them. The idea of democracy originated about twenty five hundred years ago in Athens. Western democracy has evolved throughout the years, but it is still influenced by ethical principles and philosophies from the Greeks and the Romans; along with Judeo/Christian teachings. Furthermore, western democracy was also influenced by Feudal England…

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  • Essay On Right To Vote

    Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Nobody will ever the deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting” (“Famous Voting Quotes”). If citizens of the United States of America have the right to vote, why do the citizens not vote in the Democracy that gives voting privilege? The United States of America is set up as a Democracy. Therefore, the citizens eligible to vote are responsible for selecting…

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  • Recovering America's Exceptionalism Analysis

    ceases to be good, she will cease to be great” (qtd. in Carson 651). In “Recovering America’s Exceptionalism,” Dr. Ben S. Carson explains that our Judeo-Christian roots and values are what set America apart from all other countries. These values include decency, honesty, compassion, and fairness. He explains that in order to achieve greatness, the American people will have to embrace these values when making decisions about our future. There are many ways in which America is superior to other…

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