Christian heresy

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  • Judith Lieu Discovery Of Tradition Analysis

    Humanity has long sought safety inside groups with a similar identity. The existence of tribes or clans based on family throughout the history of the world serves a simple benchmark of what an oft-sought community looks like: It looks like me. One of the many segments of history where we see this desire for like-identified communities is in the development and discourse that frames up early structures of “orthodoxy” and “heresy” in the second through fourth centuries. Driven by the idea that comfort and security could be found in like-minded groups, the early Christians clashed over everything from dates to Christology in order to form a cohesive, definitive truth- something that continues to evade Christians and still remains out of reach…

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  • Schism In Christianity

    The move into the Christian-Roman period, or the early Medieval/Dark Ages marked an important point in Catholic Christianity’s history, and allowed controversies over the teaching and practice of religious doctrines throughout Christianity to present themselves. Leaders within the churches convened in order to form unanimous and unwavering principles as answers to the essential questions of teaching orthodox faith. These debates would be called Ecumenical Councils, settling disputes regarding…

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  • Impacts Of The Crusades

    The legacy of the Crusades, whether positive or negative, has been contested among Christians and non-Christians alike. Although there were clearly political, intellectual, and technological benefits to Europe as a result of the Crusades, can it be said that the Crusades advanced the cause of Christ? In histories which concern the medieval West the development that we call the Crusades is constantly regarded finally as a standout amongst the most imperative impacts on European life in the Middle…

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  • Heresies

    The book is named “Heresies and How to Avoid Them”. A total of 12 writers contributed writings for the book; however, Ben Quash and Michael Ward are the editors. Ben Quash received an undergraduate and doctorate in theology from Cambridge University. He currently is an Anglican priest and Professor of Christianity and Arts at King College. Michael Ward is a writer, Anglican priest, and a Chaplain at Peterhouse. He received a doctorate from the University of St Andrews and has several…

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  • Colossians 3: 1-15 Analysis

    “Sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.” (ESV Colossians 3:5) We still feel exactly what Paul writes in Colossians 3:8, “Anger, wrath, malice, slander.” (ESV Colossians 3:5) As Christian people, who intend to follow Christ, we sometimes do not really follow Christ. It is easy to say love your neighbor, meaning everyone. On the other hand, it is very hard to follow through with that. You really learn how much the Lord loves you when you try to love…

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  • C. S. Lewis Mere Christianity

    Lewis offers an insight into the Christian world that I, and many other teenagers and even adults, probably have never even thought about or considered. When first reading the book I was frustrated with C.S. Lewis. The way he explained things made me feel as if he was trying to reach out to me, and any other reader, as if we were completely clueless to Christianity. But, as I continued to read I realized that if he were not to write like that I still would be as confused about my faith as I was…

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  • Reflection On Storied Leadership: Living And Leading From The Christian

    Learning to live a Christian life is one thing, but living out what we have learned is another story. As Christians, I think we have a greater responsibility because we know how the world should look, and we need to step up and lead the people around us. In order to share the gospel with others, we have to take a look at what God is calling us to do. Leading others consists of knowing what the Christian life looks like, sharing that with others, and staying faithful and truthful in what we say…

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  • Mask Reality In The Merchant Of Venice

    required skills for entrepreneurs. These are the key aspects of accomplishing the ulterior motives and goals that has been set. That is to say, no matter how unethical the situation is, the industry business will attempt to make us perceive their own beliefs. In the play, Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, Shylock whom is a Venetian merchant made a deal with a Christian merchant named Antonio to fulfill the desires of his close friend “Bassanio”. Moreover, this Shakespearian play…

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  • Examples Of Romanticism In Fifty Shades Of Grey

    in its many forms in popular culture. Fifty Shades of Grey is a renowned trilogy among the younger generation that explores a peculiar relationship between Christian Grey, a sex crazed Multimillionaire and Anastasia Steele, an inexperienced English literature college graduate. The start of their relationship is questionable on many grounds; does she understand the risk of this potential liaison and how it could affect her emotionally, mentally, and physically? The same can be said for Tess…

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  • Usamah

    not like-minded religiously and that there was still tension between the two groups, positive reviews of the Christians should be very little or obsolete. In a primary source from a Muslim named Usamah, it withholds experiences of how the Christians appeared to the recently conquered Muslims. He goes through several different experiences in which he describes the interaction he had with a Christian, something he heard about, or an event he witnessed himself. The historical accuracy of the…

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