C. S. Lewis Mere Christianity

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1. Share your observations and impressions of the book and Lewis’s argument.
The book "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis offers an insight into the Christian world that I, and many other teenagers and even adults, probably have never even thought about or considered. When first reading the book I was frustrated with C.S. Lewis. The way he explained things made me feel as if he was trying to reach out to me, and any other reader, as if we were completely clueless to Christianity. But, as I continued to read I realized that if he were not to write like that I still would be as confused about my faith as I was before I opened the book. C.S. Lewis drags on each topic much more than one would think necessary using many examples to try and get
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Lewis explains to us readers how Christianity explains and transforms human morality. "Every moral rule is there to prevent a breakdown, or strain, or a friction, in the running machine" (page 69). This quote really sets forth every thing we will and should know about morality. As Christians we strive to be as most like God and Jesus as we can be, in other words we strive to be perfect. But, none of us will ever be perfect and if it was possible for us to be perfect then there would be no purpose of us living. But in order to strive to be perfect we must follow the moral ideals which we have as Christians. By calling them moral ideals we know that it is something none of us can ever achieve because if we could then it would be a reality and we would not even have to mention them. I think the most important morality of the Christian religion, that many teens and young adults struggle with, is sexual morality. But, it is almost inaccurate to say struggle considering many push sexual morality aside and don 't consider it to be a problem. As a Christians we are told to be chaste unless married. For many people that is a difficult thing to do. It is hard to tell someone that you must have total abstinence unless you are married to a person of the opposite sex and are fully committed to them. A lot of people chose to ignore this morality. The reason being is that a lot of people chose sexual behaviors for pleasure which is inaccurate. God created man and …show more content…
Lewis believes that faith in Christ is the only way to become the true human being that we hunger to become. Although he does not at first notice that in his life, considering he used to be an atheist, he comes to conclusion that through the christian faith one can truly become the human being that they desire to be. In order for us to become the true human being we must die. When we die, if we have faith in Christ he will make us perfect and what more could one want then to be perfect? Christ himself is the most perfect person there could be and by following after him and having faith in him we too can become that in heaven. Another reason why C.S. Lewis believes that faith in Christ is the only way to become a true human being is because if we have faith in Christ then we will begin to show Christ through ourselves. By that I mean that we will show characteristics of compassion, care, and many more extraordinary traits. If we were not to have faith in Christ then we would turn to bad characteristics like hate. Our world today is very corrupt in many ways. Most people although calling themselves a Christian actually have no faith in Christ. Saying you are a Christian but not having faith in Christ is like turning on the tv but then turning the volume all the way down and playing on your phone. It is there available for you to watch and engage and you can say the tv is on and you’re watching it if someone were to ask but really you are not paying attention to it at all.

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