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  • The Thirty Years War: The Battle Of Lutzen

    For the first time in his adult life, Axel Oxenstierna, Chancellor of Sweden, suffered through a sleepless night. On November 6, 1632, Gustav II Adolf (also known as Gustavus Adolphus, the Latinized version of his name), the king of Sweden, fell during the Battle of Lutzen, part of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) being fought by Sweden, France, and their allies against the Holy Roman Empire, and its allies. While Gustav had an heir in his daughter Christina, she was only 6 years old at the time of her father’s death, and could not take power to the throne until her 18th birthday, per the Swedish laws of primogeniture. She was, however, officially crowned while yet a girl of 6, due to Sweden’s rule of law requiring a vote of the estates for…

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  • Research Paper On Von Koch Snowflake

    Von Koch’s Snowflake Curve Investigation Von Koch’s Snowflake is named after the Swedish mathematician, Helge von Koch. He was the one who described the Koch curve in the early 1900s. The Koch curve is a mathematical curve that is continuous, without tangents. In this investigation, we will be looking at the particularities of Von Koch’s snowflake and curve. Including looking at the perimeter and the area of the curve. This investigation is continued by looking at the square curve as well as the…

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  • Essay On Sweden Health Care System

    different process. Our chosen country, Sweden, follows a health care system that resembles most European countries. Sweden borders Finland and Norway and is a monarchy with a parliamentary form of government. The Swedish health care system has a commitment to provide any form of health protection to all citizens. This statement will prove later on that they have a dramatically lower mortality rate than the World Health Organization (WHO) region average. Overall, Sweden’s health care system helps…

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  • Christian Democracy: The Similarities Between Luxembourg And Sweden

    Introduction Luxembourg and Sweden are oft-overlooked countries in Europe. Each one has its own special charm, and something that truly defines its people. When one thinks of Luxembourg, the country’s wealth often comes to mind. With Sweden, the pop group ABBA jumps out. Regardless, something that binds these two countries together is the structure of their governments. They share very similar characteristics across their democratic institutions, which makes any difference significantly…

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  • Kebab Norwegian Language Analysis

    Indexicality of language and style-shifting in Kebab Norwegian “Kebab Norwegian” is traced to “Kebab Svenska” (Kebab Swedish, now “Rinkebysvenska”) and was imported to Norway in the mid-1990s. Kebab Norwegian was rapidly adopted by the media and by word of mouth, and generally refers to the vernacular, the most relaxed and least conscious way of speaking, Norwegian amongst young people with and without immigrant background in the multilingual urban spaces of Oslo. The term was first coined in…

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  • Analysis Of Stieg Larsson's Novel 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'

    Tattoo, is an intense thriller that concentrates on the systematic violence against women in Sweden. The original Swedish title translated to Men Who Hate Women, the story revolves around solving the forty-year-old disappearance of Harriet Vanger. While looking into what seemed as a murder, Mikael Blomkvist, an investigative journalist, and research assistant, Lisbeth Salander, began to uncover a series of violent murders of women from the past and find that this string of attacks were linked to…

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  • The Changing Role Of Scandinavian Interest Groups In Denmark

    which places its values in being a welfare state. The state is currently recovering from a war with a country that was previously their largest trading partner, Germany. Because they are recovering from this war their economic priorities have shifted to helping take care of citizens affected by the war in Denmark as well as reparations to the land itself re-constructing much of the and roadways which were affected by the fighting. The largest issues facing Scandinavia as a state include the…

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  • Exporting Management Case Study

    During the first class of exporting management, I have learned some basic knowledge about the exporting such as the definition of exporting, the incentives of exporting and different export modes. I knew that the role of exporting in the internationalization process is a stepping stone but not necessarily the first international activity. In order to understand the role of exporting, we need to find some common patterns in the internationalization history from different firms. In my opinion,…

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  • A Good Hero In Beowulf

    In the epic, Beowulf, by Seamus Heaney, the main character, Beowulf, is seen as a great hero to all. This is false. Beowulf is not a hero, he is just a glory driven warrior that does not care about others. He, as a king, should not risk his life to fight the dragon and leave his people to fend for themselves against the other societies looking for more power. If Beowulf is a true hero he would do what is best for his people, not what is best for his ego. Also as he takes his last breathes he is…

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  • Diversity Event Reflection Paper

    present at this event such as people from Sweden, all parts of the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Social Innovation in a Digital Context is primarily a one year Master’s program carried out by Lund University Internet Institute and the Swedish Institute. These two institutes are a multi-disciplinary research facility that focus on studying digitalization and innovation in relation to making changes in societies worldwide. The program encourages social and digital innovators from…

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