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  • Christine De Pizan

    Christine De Pizan literary defense of Woman’s character. Christine De Pizan lived in the period 1364 to 1431. She was a medieval feminist author whom created a platform for the recognition of other virtuous and intellectual women. A feminist is a believer of equal rights, justice and recognition for women and that is exactly the stance that Christine De Pizan took through her literature. During her time women were not recognized much beyond their reproductive role and was often brought across as promiscuous and through other devaluing means. Christine thought that it was unfair for men to be discriminating and determining the character of women when in all true rights they would have been the most unsuitable since they had no actual insight…

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  • The Book Of The City Of Ladies By Christine De Pizan

    were seen as the weaker. Whatever a man could be portrayed to be a woman could not be. These ideas about gender lasted for many centuries. Even in modern times you can still see the separation between genders, even though some of the lines have been blurred. In The Book of the City of Ladies By Christine De Pizan she creates a city of just ladies with the help of Reason, Rectitude and Justice. Reason and Rectitude help her create the city. Justice helps her fill to the city with the worthy…

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  • Christine De Pizan Analysis

    Miguel De Cervantes and Christine de Pizan through their writings condemn the way writers and society viewed women, opposing such writing by pointing out that women possess attributes that stem further than their beauty or connection with men. If women are depicted one way in written text, those ideas will then transfer into society. Specifically, chivalric tales had this effect because at this point in time, the idea of chivalry was well respected and so were the tales that told of chivalric…

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  • Christine De Pizan Essay

    articles with which I’d like to create a dialogue between. The first is “Compilation, Commentary, and Conversation in Christine de Pizan” by Julia Simms Holderness. The second is “Christine de Pizan: The Poetess as Historian” by Nadia Margolis. Both discuss the writing of Christine de Pizan. Holderness argues, ultimately, that Christine was more conscious with her writing decisions than she may be given credit for, while Margolis’ article can be interpreted as saying almost the same thing. In…

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  • Views Of Women In The Courtier By Baldassare Castiglione

    triumph against the monstrous regiment of women and this book essentially touched upon the idea that women are worthless and that they have no value in society, and for them to have any importance would be an insult, "To promote a woman to bear rule, superiority, dominion, or empire above any realm, nation, or city, is repugnant to nature; [an insult] to God..." (Doc 7). This has no reliability whatsoever because it is his views on women, not the views of many others. Another very renowned…

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  • Analysis Of The Treasure Of The City Of Ladies By Christine De Pizan

    In the excerpt from the book “The Treasure of the City of Ladies,” Christine De Pizan informs the reader about how a woman with wealth should act within her environment. The excerpt goes on to talk about how women with wealth should act towards people that are not nobles. She must act like a great lady of nobility towards people such as religious people (clergymen), middle class, and the common people. The reasons she wants to be kind to these people is so that they will pray to God for her and…

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  • Christine De Pisan Research Paper

    Christine de Pisan was an important woman during the Middle Ages. She was a French scholar who was unlike other women. In that time, women had small roles in society and relied on their husbands or family members for everything they needed. However Christine was one of the few who made her own living and changed people 's opinions. She was the first feminist and supported equal education for everyone. Being born into nobility, she didn 't firsthand experience the troubles of lower class women,…

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  • Traditional Roles Of Women During The French Renaissance, By Christine De Pizan

    Christine De Pizan was a French Renaissance writer who by disobeying many traditional roles that were forced upon women and fighting for what she believed true wrote many inspiring works that helped the women during the Renaissance. She was born in Venice, Italy in the year of 1365 and lived during the French Renaissance Period. She is also one of the few women who was educated and able to write. She spent her lifetime of sixty-five years writing about religion, politics, morals, and what will…

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  • Masculinity In The Canterbury Tales

    In her poem titled “The Letter of the God of Love”, Pizan defends women against clerks who write accusations against women and who put women in a negative light. The poem was partly a reaction to the popular acceptance of the slandering of women in the continuation of “The Romance of the Rose” by Jean de Meung and the Roman poet Ovid’s Art of Love. In Pizan’s poem, it is mentioned that certain men “lay blame to [women], composing tales in rhyme, in prose, in verse, in which they scorn their…

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  • The Car Christine

    Justin Schroth Instructor Walter ENG 121 October 17, 2015 ' 'Keep a-Knockin ' But You Can 't Come In ' ' The 1983 movie Christine, created by Stephen King, is an exciting film. The car Christine, usually takes a victim when you least expect it. This film is going to be evaluated based on a set of criteria. These criteria will help explain what I really enjoy about this film. In the film, a 1958 Plymouth Fury, nicknamed Christine is fixed up by a bullied young man named Arnie. After Arnie…

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