Christine De Pizan

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Christine De Pizan literary defense of Woman’s character.
Christine De Pizan lived in the period 1364 to 1431. She was a medieval feminist author whom created a platform for the recognition of other virtuous and intellectual women. A feminist is a believer of equal rights, justice and recognition for women and that is exactly the stance that Christine De Pizan took through her literature. During her time women were not recognized much beyond their reproductive role and was often brought across as promiscuous and through other devaluing means. Christine thought that it was unfair for men to be discriminating and determining the character of women when in all true rights they would have been the most unsuitable since they had no actual insight
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She created a literary city which extended to states, countries and now to a distinct position on the global map. Women are dominating in music, theatre, and every other disciplines. We see women assuming leadership roles in politics and actively contributing to our society. Feminist movements are active in the media and in many social forms. More and more women are being acknowledged and receiving impartial treatment although it can be argued that we still have issues with injustice. Overall on a broader scale the gender have come a distance and continues to strive against the traditions of just being quiet wives. De Pizan’s city of ladies can be viewed similarly to the numerous women organizations that we see today’s society. There are American Association of University Women, Association for Women in Communications and tons of similar groups across the world that operate on the basis to have equal rights and justice for women and empower …show more content…
It is still not completely equal in my view. In terms of academics and professional opportunities women play an equal role in developments and have just as much access to make significant contributions. Socially, in many cultures women are underestimated, undermined and are noted to be inferior to men and believe that they should submit to a man’s order. In Parts of Africa men are legally allowed to take multiple wives while a woman is defined as being promiscuous if heard of having multiple partners. I strongly support that by virtue a woman should not follow that trend but for the reason of equality a man should be treated with the same regards. Despite the slight imbalance in gender equality, it is fair enough to say that women have come a far way in achieving respect and having positive images. The literary creation of the city of ladies was a success and is an ongoing development where women are assuming leadership roles, inventing and discovering elements of science and actively advocating for equality in literature. Christine’s writing can be considered as revolutionary and it is interesting how much she had achieved in a male dominating society. Upon to today her huge influence is greatly

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