Gender Roles Of Women In A Cooking Lesson By Rosario Castellanos

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Many of the Latin American stories consist of depicting death, loss, oppression, and in some odd ways the obstacles in love. Everything unfolds in a surreal way while others convey magical realism into their plots; making each spun tale more alluring and breath taking. In the nineteenth century Latin America was transitioning from a world where society was its people spoke out and rebelled against those of higher authority with the goal of gaining freedom. However, for the most part there was a lot of terrorizing of the town folk, torture and death as far as the eye could see. One of the most astounding themes in this time period is the how women were portrayed and how many of them stood to make a difference in history. The following stories …show more content…
The narrator who is the wife , expresses a lot of dissatisfaction with her marriage and her role as a wife. She is attempting to learn how to cook by using guidelines through a cook book because in reality she does not know how to cook. There are many expectations on how a woman should present themselves not only to their husband but there is also a lot of societal pressure to overcome in the idea that women’s place is in the kitchen and they must tend to all her husband’s needs without protest. This is all indicating how gender roles play an integral part in society. There are a lot of flashbacks at the time that the narrator is cooking that makes her lose focus and feel resentful towards her husband when she reminisces what life was like before he came into the picture. At the end she does not triumph in the roasting and contemplates her two possible solutions which are either to distract her husband from realizing she is not the ideal wife he thought he married or covering up her mistake with her charms in getting him to take her out to dinner. Either way she cannot escape from existing stereotypes that women have been placed under. The narrator says, “My place is here. I have been here from the beginning of time.” This just further indicates the oppression that not just the narrator feels but that all women have been placed under this same scope for a long time. The culture forces them to live accordingly and entraps them within their own homes and the fear to

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