The Female Body By Margaret Atwood Analysis

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There are many ways the human body can be described. It can be literal, anatomical, or poetic. All of these wrapped up will sum up the essay “The Female Body” written by Margaret Atwood, who put words to the wonders and complications of a woman’s body. With an almost rhythmic writing style, Atwood addressed sexist views and rebutted with an intimate and intrusive account of the role women have within a male consumed society.
Atwood successfully uses pathos and ethos argumentative points to bring attention to the hardships women face. The title is deceiving because the paper itself is not only about the body but of the actual person and the treatment women receive due to their superior male counterparts. She uses a dark pathos that bring about a sympathetic view to women. In one instance she refers to a woman as a body, not a person, when she states that “the basic Female Body comes with the following accessories” (Atwood), in which she then starts reciting common feminine items that are a associated with the sex. In all of the examples she gives it is more or less a dark tone due to the amount of moments she addresses the horrible issue of sexism. The turn took a very personal view to the realities of female hardships because the author herself is of the same sex. Because of this, it is easy for her to take her own personal experiences and those of her fellow sex to write a moving yet very real piece of artwork. Nothing can comprehend what women go through except for a woman herself and Atwood uses this to her advantage. But by no means does this make it any where
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Not only in the physical way, but also the way it is viewed in the social world. In a universe that seems ruled by men, she brought attention to the extreme sexism that has, and still is, going on today. By reaching out to the emotion of her audience, she captivated her readers by showing just how objectified women are to

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