Why Women Still Can T Have It All Analysis

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In the article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” by Anne-Marie Slaughter, she blames the current structure of American society for the gender gap. Slaughter uses her personal experience on having a high-profile position in the government as evidence that balancing the responsibilities of a parent and a profession is impossible. Throughout the article Slaughter provides four solutions in order to produce a society that works for women. The first solution is redefining the arc of a successful career. The next two solutions are rediscovering the pursuit of happiness and innovation nation. Lastly, enlisting men is the final solution in Slaughter’s article. Next is the article “Why Men Still Can’t Have it All” by Richard Dorment, which is a direct response to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article. Dorment’s argument is that men struggle as much as women in balancing work and life, especially at a high profession. Those wanting life with a high profession, being hard and rewarding, should not complain. Later, Dorment suggests that the argument is no gender oriented which allows people access to the same choices with the ability to choose themselves. This funnels Dorment’s discussion to the individual willing to make the decision without complaint of having no choices. Altogether, Dorment …show more content…
Whether the equality is for gender or sexuality, the fact of the matter is that everyone is involved in equality by either someone fighting for equality or disapproving of someone’s equality. Throughout the years equality has differ from gender, ethnicity, or even sexuality, so we have become equal for the most part. Both men and women struggle to balance work and life. Some may say society is not equal gender wise, but gender equality is more prevalent now. Each person can have a high profession, but that result depends on the choices a person

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