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  • The Importance Of Regulation In The Banking Industry

    had actually destroyed 9,000 documents over 20 years from various high profile investigations. That included documents involving Bernie Madoff, Goldman Sachs’ credit default swaps with AIG, fraud cases against Bank of America, Wells Fargo, among others. These kinds of issues should be expected considering some of the choices for leading this agency. For instance, George W. Bush’s appointment for the chairman of the SEC was Chris Cox, a longtime Republican Congressman with a strong record supporting deregulation. In fact, he was one of the sponsors of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, which made it more difficult to sue investment firms involved in fraud. Cox even served as a defense attorney for First Pension Corp, which operated a $130 million Ponzi scheme. Cox continued his pursuit of deregulation at the SEC. He literally had a policy in place that allowed investment banks to decide whether they wanted their derivatives trades to be monitored by the SEC. Such a suggestion would be funny if it hadn’t actually happened. Although, Cox admitted afterward that “(the financial crisis) made it abundantly clear that voluntary regulation does not work.” One of the dominant factors that hinders quality work from the SEC is the conflict of interest from the revolving door with the private sector. Banking regulators have incentives to tread lightly in return for lucrative positions in the banking industry after they leave the SEC. And this isn’t some issue involving a…

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  • Movie Analysis: The Rear Window

    The brilliantly written Rear Window has drawn many insights from the analysis of the perception of the human mind and the hidden realism of everyday life. Set in the 1950 's we meet an active Photographer known as Jeff, that has been confined to his wheelchair because of a broken leg, which only always him move from his bed to the window. In doing this he notices the daily routine of his surrounding neighbors from their rear window. Nevertheless, the Rear Window was not only introduced as a…

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  • The Importance Of Technology On The World

    The internet is just only about 5,000 days old, and by that time it has delivered to people a ton of amazing things that nobody could have predicted in the past such as the real estate list, all kinds of government form, a huge amount of photos and video, satellite of the whole earth, or even a piece of information from the phone number, etc. Kevin has points out that most of people learn how to accepted the change from the internet which is amazing thing changing the world and how easily to…

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  • Batting Clean Up And Sriking Out Analysis

    Sports and Dirt In his essay “Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out”, Dave Berry, Focuses on the differences between men and women. He makes assertions about the differences when it comes to dirt and sports. He focuses on this because he believes these are the primary differences. From Personal Experience I would agree hat dirt and sports are examples of differences between the sexes, but Berry misses the point, These are not the major differences between men and women. Dave Berry starts by…

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  • Female Gothic Sub-Genre Analysis

    Looking for a Drama filled, love story with an unexpected twist and a happy ending? This could be the right choice for you. But, it will defiantly be a different type of Drama. This episode of the American Horror Story show can be considered to have a Female Gothic sub-genre. The Female Gothic sub-genre deals with women’s transition from an adolescent to adulthood and or post traumatic depression after child birth. This sub-genre has many conventions like a male heroine, Victorian homes,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Jones Family

    Once upon a time, there was this small Alien family of three, in a small town called Jupiter. Jupiter was so small there was only room for one UFO which was where that family lived. So in order for them to get everything they needed, they had to go about twenty minutes down the road. They were called the Jones family. The moms name was Lisa, she worked at a science lab. The dads name was Tom, he worked at a place called Nature. They had a little boy named Nolin that was twelve years old. The…

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  • Symbolism And Social Life In Cheryl Strayed's Boys In The Boat

    In the three novels, shelter plays a role in defining the main characters in the novel. The way characters act towards shelter, the condition of the shelter, and the actions that happen inside the shelter give it a symbolic meaning that relates to the main character’s personality and social life. In the novel, “Boys in the Boat”, shelter symbolizes the hard work ahead of Joe and the status of his family relationship. Joe, the main character, often lives in unfinished or very small…

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  • How Did Chris Mccandless Go Into The Wild

    Did you know that Chris McCandless went into the Alaskan wilderness thinking the he could survive with only a little food and few supplies? Chris thought that what he brought would be plenty to last him until he decided to leave. He also thought that he had enough experience based on his previous trips, like when he went to Mexico. Chris believed that he could survive anything. I think that Chris was wrong about thinking that he was prepared to survive the harsh Alaska wilderness. He had…

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  • Excerpts In Jon Krakauer's Into The Wild

    authors to demonstrate how the wild differentiates from the daily life humans’ lead. Moreover, the excerpts relate to Christopher Johnson McCandless in some sort of way. Krakauer may be including excerpts at the beginning of every chapter to introduce the topic, as well as show a deep comparison of Chris McCandless’s adventure to the excerpt(s). Krakauer makes specific structural choices, length, tone, and content of individual texts, as well as their juxtaposition to one another. There are…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Into The Wild

    Chris McCandless’ story can be seen in many different lights. Chris was a young man who decided to embark on the brave journey of living in the wild and surviving off the land. In doing so, he put almost every aspect of modern society behind him, including his own friends and even family. From his journals, we are able to uncover the details of his “second life”. Many see his actions as an attempt at suicide or even just those of an unprepared boy, but Jon Krakauer believes otherwise. In his…

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