Female Gothic Sub-Genre Analysis

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Looking for a Drama filled, love story with an unexpected twist and a happy ending? This could be the right choice for you. But, it will defiantly be a different type of Drama. This episode of the American Horror Story show can be considered to have a Female Gothic sub-genre. The Female Gothic sub-genre deals with women’s transition from an adolescent to adulthood and or post traumatic depression after child birth. This sub-genre has many conventions like a male heroine, Victorian homes, suspense, repressed emotions, complications while transitioning to motherhood or adulthood, dark, etc.

Although this is series is marketed as a Horror show, it accurately falls under the Female Gothic sub-genre. Furthermore, it can be seen as a Drama. Vivien, specifically, is suffering from Postpartum Depression. Ben can be seen as both the villain and the heroin in this episode. He can be seen as the villain because he cheated on his wife. But, he can also be seen as a hero because he
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It will have you wondering what is coming next, scene after scene. The background music causes the audience to feel the thrill and horror plus some suspense. It also causes a scary mood to set in. Those who enjoy watching romantic, love Dramas can also enjoy this episode. Although, this is not your typical Drama, you will be allowed to see through the psychological lens of a women who is suffering from a miscarriage and how her family decides to cope with it. Her husband could be the reason why everything is going the way it is. Both, the husband and the wife had different ways of coping with the miscarriage. He decided to cope with the miscarriage by having an affair with another woman in their own home. While the wife decided to get a dog to help her emotionally cope with the loss of their baby. This relates to a Drama in the sense that the man decided to cheat on the wife with another

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