Chronic kidney disease

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease

    CKD-MBD Chronic kidney disease can reck havoc on the bones. When the kidneys fail to regulate the balance of phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin D or when hypooclaemia dn hyperphopahtemia persist, parathyroid hormone will increase to compensate. Although the body is adaptable it will eventually fall behind. According to Ruf & Clifford (2010), "The cornerstone of management of chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorder is to maintain normal bone turnover by maintaining adequate PTH and vitamin D receptor agonism" (p. 99). Ruf & Clifford (2010) explain how management of CKD-MBD is distinctly different from the regular treatment of osteoporosis (p. 99). The first step of treatment is finding the right drug regimen for the individual. The Primary…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Article Summary

    Introduction The intent of this paper is to examine conceptual linkages between concepts and the tenets of an approach to research. The article used in this paper is titled chronic kidney disease (CKD) stressors influence choices of dialysis modality (Harwood, Wilson, Sontrop and Clark, 2012). A prospective correlational design was used in thin study. The underpinning epistemological, ontological, ethical and ideological tenets of prospective correlation design is described based on this…

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  • Causes Of Chronic Kidney Disease

    thirty minutes the kidneys filter the blood in the body and removing the excess fluid. Most people live with two kidneys, but it is possible to live with one. I have survived with one kidney today trying everything to protect and live a longer life. “More than 26 million American adults have a chronic kidney disease (CKD). This means one adult out of every eight in the United States has decreased kidney function. (Santiago, 2015) How can people be so unaware of a disease that strikes so…

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  • What Is Chronic Kidney Disease?

    Chronic Kidney Disease Chronic kidney disease happens when the kidneys are damaged over a long period. The kidneys are two organs that perform many important jobs in the body. These jobs include: • Removing wastes and extra fluids from the blood. • Making hormones that help keep the body healthy. • Making sure the body has the right amount of fluids and chemicals. Chronic kidney disease may be caused by many things. The kidney damage occurs slowly. If too much damage occurs, the kidneys…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Analysis

    Chronic Kidney Disease is also known as Chronic Kidney Failure. This diagnosis describes a set of renal-degenerative symptoms and stages that eventually lead to dialysis, kidney transplant, and/or death. What makes chronic kidney disease so dangerous is its innocuity. Its early symptoms are often nonspecific and can appear to be from other illnesses. Usually, by the time the kidney damage is noticed due to loss of function, it is irreversible. Due to advancing medical technology, improved…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Essay

    functions of the kidneys: Manage blood pressure Produce hormones and red blood cells Remove waste from blood Kidney disease for cats can be a result of a poor diet, genetics, bacterial infection, poisons and/or old age. This paper will provide nutritional guidelines in cases where age, diet or genetics generates chronic kidney disease (CKD) in a cat. While chronic kidney disease cannot be reversed and progresses with time, a diet modified for cats with CKD can help in comfort and slow the…

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  • Case Study Of Chronic Kidney Disease In South Dakota

    Population: mortality. 0.208% of all deaths in South Dakota are linked with chronic kidney disease, or 156 of 75,000 deaths; this means that the person could have died from other reasons, but the patient did have chronic kidney disease (Midwest Kidney Network. Dialysis Deaths, 2015), (South Dakota Department of Health. At a Glance in 2014, 2015). Nationally, 0.0149% of all deaths are from some stage of chronic kidney disease, meaning that the death is as a result of this disease (Center for…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Research Paper

    Everyone’s kidneys filter their blood, and excrete toxins out of their bodies. Some people have a condition that causes their kidneys to not function properly. The symptoms for this condition are often overlooked or ignored because not many people recognize the symptoms. Many people do not realize how vital their kidneys are in everyday life. Chronic Kidney Disease is a serious condition that can be life threatening. CKD can result in kidney failure. It is a progressive condition that can be…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Case Study

    Chronic Renal Disease: J.H. and ESRD J. H. is a 55-year-old African American male who presented himself to the Emergency Department with a progressively worsening headache. He had a blood pressure (BP) of 233/134, with complaints of regular abdominal pain with nausea and vomiting and shortness of breath with exertion. Alert and oriented, he stated non-compliance with his BP medications and refusal to do dialysis since his initial diagnosis. Pathophysiology ESRD is the fifth and final stage…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Case Study Essay

    Patient J is an elderly female who presented to the ED with pneumonia, pulmonary edema, hypoxia, and sepsis. Patient J’s genitourinary issues include stage three chronic kidney disease (hereinafter CKD) with high BUN and creatinine lab work supporting this condition. She also has a history of Diabetes Mellitus II which is of significance due to the relationship between high blood sugar and kidney damage. Also of significance are three contributors to the concept of chronic kidney failure:…

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