Renal failure

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  • Renal Failure Essay

    Acute renal failure is the sudden dysfunction or disease of the kidneys that can significantly impair renal function within the body. According to Huether and McCance (2012), renal failure is characterized by enough of a decline of renal function to require dialysis. Renal failure is after renal risk and injury, but prior to renal loss and end-stage kidney disease (Huether & McCance, 2012, p755). The dysfunctions the lead to acute kidney failure can be caused due to sudden renal injuries or by systemic diseases of the body. The major issue with acute renal failure is the fact that the kidneys filter the blood so it is linked to every other part of the body and can spread diseases more readily which could make it easily life threatening…

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  • Causes Of Renal Failure

    Renal Failure Name Institution History and symptoms - intrarenal acute renal failure Mr. Donovan’s condition is consistent to intrarenal acute renal failure. Due to his history with renal insufficiency and uncontrolled hypertension, it is more likely that he is suffering from intrarenal acute kidney injury. The patient has no history obstruction (postrenal) or with trauma (prerenal). Hypertension, as shown by the patient, is seen with an intrarenal acute renal failure while hypotension is…

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  • Functions Of Kidneys

    of Kidney diseases Renal failure may be caused both in the acute and chronic scenarios due to several factors. Historically, kidney disease has been classified according to the…

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  • Five Stages Of Chronic Kidney Disease

    Since early 2000, there has been a significant increase of Americans who suffer from Renal Failure which was up by 57%. There are five stages of Chronic Kidney disease, and each stage has a specific characteristic which is defined by the glomerular filtrations rate. The fifth and final stage is End-Stage Renal Failure which is when the kidney is functioning at a GFR of less than 15%. According to the United States Renal Data System Annual Report more than 615,000 American’s are being treated for…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Case Study

    Chronic Kidney Disease is also known as Chronic Kidney Failure. This diagnosis describes a set of renal-degenerative symptoms and stages that eventually lead to dialysis, kidney transplant, and/or death. What makes chronic kidney disease so dangerous is its innocuity. Its early symptoms are often nonspecific and can appear to be from other illnesses. Usually, by the time the kidney damage is noticed due to loss of function, it is irreversible. Due to advancing medical technology, improved…

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  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Kidneys

    He expressed that “It’s not only about controlling symptoms, but changing my whole lifestyle, including my diet (Myron Mulcare). There are always medications available to control symptoms, but what patients don’t realize are that once those medications where off, they are still left with a damaged kidney. To make it easier on the kidneys, most patients have a diet to maintain. In The Baby Boomer Diet: Body Ecology 's Guide to Growing Younger, it is suggested that patients with…

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  • Pyelonephritis Case Study

    Leory is a 70 year old man, presented to the clinic with severe confusion, increased impaired judgement, and increasing repetitiousness and inconsistencies in his usual behavior. His physical exam reveals an increased respiratory rate, slight fever and costovertebral angle tenderness on his right side. Acute pyelonephritis: Pyelonephritis is an acute urological condition that cause infection on one or both kidneys. It is a lower urinary tract infection that ascended to the pelvis of the kidney.…

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  • The Importance Of Polycystic Kidney Disease

    The kidney is an organ in our body that removes waste and balance fluids. Polycystic kidney disease is a disorder that causes many fluid-filled sacs to build up. Those sacs are called cysts, that ends up on the kidneys. When the fluid - filled cysts cover the whole kidney, it cause the kidney to become enlarged.The cysts can lead to kidney failure and development in other organs in the body, in most cases the liver as well. Mode of Inheritance and Biological Mechanisms Polycystic kidney disease…

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  • Kidney Disease Case Study

    Spoke with a 63 year old female who has end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and has currently been on dialysis for the past two years. However, ESRD is not a diagnosis but a name of a Medicare program (Porth & Matfin, 2009) The definition of chronic kidney disease (CKD) for a patient is irreversible kidney damage and/or glomerular filtration rate (GFR) less than 60 ml/min/1.73 m^2 for a minimal three months (Porth & Matfin, 2009). Those patient with kidney failure has either GFR less than 15…

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  • What Is Chronic Kidney Failure?

    INTRODUCTION Patient J is an elderly female who presented to the ED with pneumonia, pulmonary edema, hypoxia, and sepsis. Patient J’s genitourinary issues include stage three chronic kidney disease (hereinafter CKD) with high BUN and creatinine lab work supporting this condition. She also has a history of Diabetes Mellitus II which is of significance due to the relationship between high blood sugar and kidney damage. Also of significance are three contributors to the concept of chronic kidney…

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