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  • Personal Narrative: Christ Community Church

    When I first came to Dordt as a church shopping freshman, I became excited when I found out about the Church of Christ. Its website made it sound like its theology was the closest to the nondenominational church I grew up in, so I had it in my mind that this was the church I wanted to become a regular member of. One autumn Sunday morning, a friend and I put the address on the website into my GPS and set out. I was convinced that my GPS was malfunctioning when we ended up in the parking lot of a dark building that didn’t look like a church and didn’t even look like it was open. We became more confused because there was a sign that said Christ Community Church, but there wasn’t a building that said Christ Community Church on it. This was the…

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  • Christian Science Research Paper

    “Set your affections on things above; love one another; commune at the table of our Lord in one spirit; worship in spirit and in truth; and if daily adoring, imploring, and living the divine Life, Truth, Love, thou shalt partake of the bread that cometh down from heaven, drink of the cup of salvation, and be baptized in Spirit,” wrote Mary Baker Eddy in 1898 (Christian Science Versus Pantheism). Mrs. Eddy (as she is colloquially referred to by her followers) was the woman who came to found the…

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  • Christ True Church Essay

    Some wonder which is Christ true church. With so many denominations one is left to wonder where do I go. I have became a christian but how do i know which church is the right. Is there even a church that is right? This problem has been around for centuries, but many didn 't say anything about it. However a man named Barton Stone decided to take a stand. He and some others created a document, and in this document he addressed these exact issues. This paper will discuss how the last will and…

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  • Childhood And Imagination In The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland By Lewis Carroll

    Age has always been an issue of mind over matter. Just as age is not limited by how one looks or feels, imagination does not either. It is often the case that age limits imagination, but that is not the true. No one can blame themselves for wanting that sense of creativity to live within for as long as possible, which is exactly how Alice felt throughout her journey. In The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll uses references to his own past, Alice’s change in size, and imagery to…

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  • Galilee United Church Of Christ Analysis

    My Critical Analysis Galilee United Church of Christ was founded under the strong pastor ship of the late Reverend Joseph Mann in the 1900’s. Galilee is found locally in the heart of Oriental, North Carolina, which is the Pamlico Community. After Mann was succumbed, many pastors have served on the chairman for a consecutive of years. Each minister came and made a worthy contribution to the church. The Reverend Leon White, formerly of the Wake Forest area came a rebuilt the church in…

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  • Christ Church Anglican Cathedral Essay

    and cathedrals were known for their pointed arches and bigger windows with colorful glasses that transformed the church on a living organism. Christ Church Anglican Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral constructed in Ottawa, Canada in 1833 on a land donated by Nicholas Sparks (1794-1862), an early landlord of Ottawa. The Cathedral was enlarged in 1841 due to the rapid growth in the population. In 1872, the church was demolished and rebuild in the Gothic style. In Christ Church Anglican Cathedral,…

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  • Ragamuffin Gospel Reflection

    I had no trouble understanding a loving heavenly father because my own regularly showed me love and grace. It was easy for me at a very young age to comprehend that I was a sinner and unable to save myself but also loved by Jesus so much that he died to take my punishment. I went along in my safe world, safe church, and safe church-school with my Christian friends until the middle of High School. When I turned 16, circumstances forced me to switch to a very large public high school and on a…

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  • The Lost Letters Of Pergamum Book Summary

    The Lost Letters of Pergamum, a book by Bruce W, Longenecker is a fictional book that gives multiple views of the culture of the first century Church. This book is described as fictional, but it is written in a narrative form. The letters in this novel are not made up letters but they were found and translated into English after being hidden in the city of Pergamum. They also belonged to Antipas, a Roman businessman at the time. These letters were written by Luke, Antipas and other essential…

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  • Scandalous Obligations Summary

    In Christianity God endures and therefore shames the scapegoat mechanism. God absorbs the vengeance, or even retaliation, “Jesus moves like a lamb to slaughter” (Isa. 53:7, NIV) the rhythmic repetition of violence is shattered (Severson pg. 1223).” Another thing that Severson says in his book that made an impact on me is when he talks about how as Christians; Christ is our security during times of unrest. This statement has helped me figure out what my responsibility is as a Christian when it…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With Elois Hollingsworth Hayes

    trip she took the was the most special to her. It was 1990and she took a trip to Haiti for a mission trip to assist an orphanage. She described the trip as very different and that she was moved by compassion as she noticed the extreme poverty on the island. Nonetheless, she was impressed by the skills like reading and writing of the Haitian people even though they lacked school training. As we continued are interview I then asked about accomplishments she has gained that she is really proud of…

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