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  • Anthropology Of Mormonism

    The Theology and Anthropology of Mormonism Raley Ivester Murrell-A4 24 February, 2016 Mormonism is a modern day cult based loosely on Christianity. While the teachings of Mormonism claim to be Biblical,they are actually quite far from it. They have the same people, but often with a completely different background or role in the story. For example, Mormons believe that Jesus is the “ literal spirit-brother of Lucifer, a creation” . (Slick, “A Comparison…”). Mormonism was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith Jr., the fourth child of Lucy and Joseph Smith. His mother was a very superstitious woman, and his father was known as a money digger. Smith was disconcerted by all of the different denominations of Christianity, and claimed to have…

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  • What Happened In Nauvoo?

    During the bitter winter of 1838-1839 some five thousand Latter Day Saints crossed the Mississippi River from Missouri and settled in western Illinois, where they soon established the city of Nauvoo under the leadership of their prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr. Situated on a bend of the Mississippi River in Hancock County, Nauvoo grew rapidly during the next seven years as a flood of Latter Day Saints settled in the area. Finally, it would seem that the Mormons had found a place, a holy city where…

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  • The Influence Of Joseph Smith's Second Great Awakening

    Joseph Smith played a pivotal role in the Mormon faith as its founder. His upbringing greatly influenced his achievements during the 1830s and 1840s. The Second Great Awakening, a religious revival movement during the early 19th century in the United States, also influenced Smith, in turn, compelling him to believe he was needed for significant religious duties. Joseph Smith’s Church of Christ had many beliefs outside the norm and practiced many ideas that were not considered acceptable by…

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  • Analysis Of Sister Wives

    Sister Wives, should polygamy be legalized? Polygamy has been around for many years and with the TV show Sister Wives it can now be viewed in our homes weekly with each new season it brings. The show reminds us of the controversy that surrounds plural marriage. Should plural marriage be legalized? There are many opinions on this touchy topic. Should we, as a society, just leave it be, mind our own business as it were? Should we turn a blind eye to the accusations of abuse and underage…

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  • Essay On Christian Religion

    It started out with Jesus, “The Messiah” being born of a virgin, completely sinless. Jesus lived his life on earth as a Jew, preaching in the synagogues, performing miracles, and healing the sick and wounded. In his journey he acquired 12 men that were appointed to be his disciples. They became followers of Him and were taught what sin was and the punishments for it as well as being informed them on the New Covenant and what was to be fulfilled through that. Christians believe that in Jesus’s…

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  • Rhetorical Ethics

    whether the messenger is credible—“before people decide what they think of your message, they decide what they think of you” (Cuddy et al. 59). Powerful arguments are subverted by the character of the author—for instance, no matter the future content of his writing, nobody will take seriously the work of a journalist such as Stephen Glass, rising-star turned disgraced writer and failed lawyer (Grimminck). John Krakauer, author of exposés such as Three Cups of Deceit and Under the Banner of…

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  • Essay On Polygamy

    fines an imprisonment was imposed (Haynes). The social norms of the United States go against polygamy because it is a generally monogamous country. Norms are established rules of behavior or standards of conduct (Kendall). Recent studies have shown that although American citizens still find polygamy deviant, the statistics show an increase in how acceptable people view polygamy in America. The History of Polygamy in America Polygamy has a long running history throughout the United States.…

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  • Brigham Young: The Mormon Church

    In today's society there are hundreds of christian denominations around the world and without Brigham Young the book of mormon would have just been classified as fantasy instead of non-fiction. In the United States alone there are over six million Mormons. Brigham has been called the modern day moses for bringing the teachings of Joseph Smith to the people after Smith's death in 1844. The Mormon church would not be anywhere close to where it is today if it weren't for Young. Not much of Young's…

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  • Word Of Wisdom Research Paper

    The people of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are considered peculiar by people both within the church and non-members. This may be for different reasons but I think most people can tell that those of the LDS faith are unlike most other people in this world. This can be for many things, but I think a big part of it is the Word of Wisdom. So my question is, “Is the Word of Wisdom essential for the members of the LDS faith?” As the world and society continue to change, many things…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Mission

    It was a typical warm and humid day in central Florida. There was a storm for-cast as usual, there was never a day without one. I sat there in my Mission President’s office waiting for my appointment with him. I had just gotten examined by the mission nurse and things were not looking good for my case of staying on my mission. My diagnosis was a severe case of Psoriasis, the most severe that the Missionary Department in Salt Lake City had ever seen in all the years of operation. Approximately…

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