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  • Psychominist Psychology In Gilmore Girls

    Karen Horney, a medical professional from Germany, had an early interest in psychoanalysis. Horney studied with Karl Abraham, a protégé of Sigmund Freud, however Horney came to disagree with a handful of Sigmund Freud’s theory, including his interpretation on the psychology of women. Horney believed that Freud had a “male bias in psychoanalytic thought”, Horney then introduced the concept of womb envy or the envy in which males feel due to the their lack of the ability to get pregnant, nurse, or be a mother ( Through focusing on feminist psychology and psychiatric treatment of women, Horney is commonly considered the founder of feminine psychology. Horney is most known for her conflicting view of aggression, power, and sex with Freud, as well as, her revolutionary theory on neurosis (“Karen Horney Biography”). Karen Horney’s theory describes how imperfect worlds cause individuals to seek specific neurotic needs, these neurotic needs can be better interpreted through three strategies, moving toward, moving away, and moving against to cope with the anxieties individuals face. Through studying Karen Horney’s theory, we can get a better understanding of complex individuals; including the fictional character of Lorelai Gilmore in the television show Gilmore Girls. Lorelai Gilmore, the mother in the television show Gilmore Girls aired from 2000 to 2007, is a young mother raising her teenage daughter as they simultaneously grow up and navigate through life in…

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  • Metropolis Film Analysis

    The general premise of the film Metropolis relies on the duality and segregation that causes tension within the film. The duality of the films animation style can suggest a metaphorical description of the separated society. This brewing tension within the story stems from reactionary circumstances due to causations of tyrannical government, militant and radical forces within the segregated city of Metropolis. Although there is an obvious wealth and power imbalance that separates the city from…

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  • Two Wolves Themes

    Two Wolves is a mystery/adventure novel written by Australian author Tristan Bancks. Ben Silver, a 13-year-old boy, is the protagonist who is on the run with his criminal father whilst deciding whether to follow his flesh and blood or the law. This treatise will discuss the transformations Ben has experienced during the course of the story due to a certain character, setting and event. The character mentioned in this essay, is Ray Silver, Ben’s criminal father. Nature, including the cabin and…

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  • Human Nature In Parable Of The Sower By Octavia Butler

    control, and violence. The main character named Lauren Olamina is forced to travel north because her gated community was destroyed along with most of her neighbors. The traveling group consists of Zahra, Harry, and Lauren but it grows along the way. Harry and Zahra were in the same gated community with Lauren. Other characters that are included are people that Lauren comes across on her journey to the north. Human nature is what comes naturally to human beings. In her novel, Parable of the…

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  • Evolution Of Identity Essay

    Lauren instead finds the support she needs to transform Earthseed through the Elfords a couple that’s shown great interest in Earthseed.When Lauren did some jobs for them during her search for Larkin. “Through the Elfords and their friends and the friends of their friends, we’ve received invitations to speak all over town in people’s homes and in small halls” (Talents 388). This is the beginning of the evolution of Earthseed, evolving from just an identity shared in a small mountain community.…

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  • Case Study: Helping A Friend

    Helping a Friend On May 20, 2014, Sophia and seven of her friends decided to take a trip to Lake Michigan. Sophia’s aunt owns a lake house in Arcadia, Michigan, so the girls decided to rent out the place for a few weeks. When they arrived to the house late in evening, they unpacked and settled in. Sophia, Carly, Kaylee, and Sally slept in the room with bunk beds, while Kelly, Diane, and Lauren slept in the master bedroom. George got the room in the middle all to himself. Everyone managed to get…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Kidnapper

    In part one of this story, a guy moved in down the street right after weird kidnappings started to happen. A girl, Lisa thought that her brother got kidnapped but it turned out to be that he was with his biological father neither of them knew that they had. A lot of drama happened between the mom and the kids and the biological father, but who is the real kidnapper? On a bright sunny Monday in the beginning of the summer, Lisa and Dylan were playing in the yard just a month or so after finding…

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  • Deception In Hamlet

    Leonardo Di Vinci once said, “The greatest decision men suffer is from their own decisions.” Deception can occur in everyday life and is an important process for building relationships or in general social interaction. In the Shakespearean play, Hamlet uses deception to reveal the role that Claudius had in the death of his father. Hamlet uses deception to gain the knowledge needed to indict Claudius with the murder of his father, while Claudius is using deception to cover up his role within…

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  • Human Ethics And Predestination Essay

    advertising and propaganda by playing with our emotions. Also the market is a monopolized game, t-mobile and sprint and verizon and at-t are all part of the same company, but just broken apart and have secondary companies. Why do glasses cost so much? Glasses are just pieces of plastic or metal combined with 2 pieces, it should be pretty cheap. Well a company Luxottica has a monopoly over the glasses owning all the glasses company such as Alain Mikli, Arnette, Eye Safety Systems (ESS), Oakley,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Second Day At My School Placement

    Ever since my second day at my school placement, one particular student (whom I will refer to as X) in Ms. I’s second period class has never failed to catch my attention. Each week, I never know what to expect from X: some days he is a model student, working diligently on the task on hand, but on others he acts out and refuses to comply with Ms. I’s requests. However, sometimes there aren’t even good or bad days, for X’s behavior can vary so drastically within a one-hour class period. On good…

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