Personal Narrative: My Second Day At My School Placement

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Ever since my second day at my school placement, one particular student (whom I will refer to as X) in Ms. I’s second period class has never failed to catch my attention. Each week, I never know what to expect from X: some days he is a model student, working diligently on the task on hand, but on others he acts out and refuses to comply with Ms. I’s requests. However, sometimes there aren’t even good or bad days, for X’s behavior can vary so drastically within a one-hour class period. On good days, X is the type of student every single teacher would want to have. He sits quietly at his desk, works on the class assignments for the day, and even goes as far as to offer his help to his classmates. While he does tend to use his cellphone, which is frowned upon in a …show more content…
In fact, perhaps I have this perception of X because I have only observed him on Friday mornings, which is arguably one of the hardest parts of the school week to get through. Or maybe English isn’t his favorite class, which may result in a lack of motivation. Seeing as how X is on an athletic team, I have no doubt that I would have seen a completely different side of him if I observed his gym class versus his English class. However, despite all of this, I must admit that this student’s behavior concerns me, specifically because I personally never knew what to expect from X each time he walked into the classroom. As someone who was in high school just a few short years ago, I understand that everybody has off days. However, I don’t recall knowing anyone who was ever as unpredictable as X on a daily basis. Regardless of his behavior, I feel that, deep down, X wants to succeed and do well. But, it appears as if he needs help from Ms. I and even his peers to get him on the “right track,” for it seems as if he acts out the most when he’s

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