unit 10 D2 -Justify responses to a particular incident or emergency in a health or social care setting

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Justify responses to a particular incident or emergency in a health or social care setting. (D2)
Scenario 1: a student you do 1:1 work with is very withdrawn. She looks like she hasn’t had a bath for days, has dark bags under her eyes and bruise marks on her wrists.

When abuse is suspected it is important that the individual’s health and well-being is seen as the priority. This is why the local child protection officer should be notified so that they can investigate the situation to prevent the child from harming themselves or the abuser from harming them. Even though it may be distressing for the child the means that the child protection officer will go to, to improve the child’s situation is worth the end goal of the benefits the child
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It is important to prioritise the individuals breathing before anything else because if he/she isn't they could die within seconds. Even though there could be other injuries that could potentially hurt the casualty even more it is vital to move them onto their back and tilt their head to open their airways because breathing is still the most important concern. Shouting for help is fairly important just so someone else other than the people in the room is aware there has been an incident. Calling for an ambulance is very important so should be done as soon as the casualty has been stabilised or if possible whilst/before, this is because a bystander can only help an individual to a certain extent because they lack the professional skills that a nurse, doctor or paramedic would provide. So the quicker the individual is in the hands of professionals the better chance they have of having a fast and full recovery. The student may be affected by the incident because they may feel embarrassed by what happened, this is why it is important for the teachers to clear the room so there are as few bystanders as possible. The individual may also suffer from some health issues like burns from being electrocuted which could leave scars, this

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