Child Neglect Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Kshir and Potter (2009, p151) commented that ‘’Child abuse is the physical, psychological or sexual maltreatment of children. Whiles most child abuse happens in the children’s home, a significant portion also occurs in organisations involving children, such as churches, schools, child care businesses and residential schools’’ Amie’s welfare is not meet since she does not meet the entire children five …show more content…
Children that have been abuse have suffered their own right and protections, many of these children have lost the trust in adults, these children are emotionally disturbed and scared. In considering Amie’s issue, social workers and other multi agencies will need to work with the family throughout the process of the ongoing assessment. Children and families social worker needs to understand the values in different families when assessing them. The social worker needs to be proactive in discharging duties in a diverse way, (O’loughlin and O’lounghin …show more content…
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Maureen O’lounglin and Steve O’lounglin (2008) Social work with Children and Fmilies,second edition :Sothernhay East Exeter.British library Cataloguing in Publication

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