Case Study Tommy Murphy

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Tommy Murphy is a nine-year-old boy who has been medically diagnosis of AD/HD and he takes medication for. Tommy is in the 4th grade and attends Parkview Elementary School. He currently has an Individual Educational Plan because of a learning disability. He also receives speech services at school twice a week. Tommy is currently placed in a Special Day Class (SDC) Since the first grade. His current teacher, Ms. Parker has expressed concerns of Tommy’s behavior.
Tommy has been in a Special Education Day Class since he was in first grade and was in the same class all the way till third grade. He has been moved to a new class for fourth grade. According to his teacher, Ms. Parker, Tommy’s disruptive behaviors seem to be escalating day by day.

Background information

Since second grade, Tommy has run out of the classroom when he gets frustrated. Many times, he got caught trying to jump the fence to run out of school. At school, Tommy enjoys math and science. He likes to work with manipulatives such as Unifix cubes, or white boards when doing math. Tommy struggles with reading and writing. Tommy works in small groups during reading and writing. He does not like to read aloud because he stutters and peers laugh at him. Tommy also does anything to avoid writing. He usually has
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Tommy’s teacher, Ms. Parker expressed her concerned about Tommy running out of class, having melt downs, aggression, not remaining on task and not following verbal instructions and cheating. Her major concerns are running out of class and defiance. The predictors that trigger Tommy’s behaviors are transitioning into subjects he does not like such as reading and writing, and when he is in line returning from recess or lunch

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