Urjo's Case Study: How To Make A Bully

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-Summarized the case study
-Urjo is the most difficult situation because he just does not want to learn and has an attitude problem
-Student is choosing not to do well instead of working hard and not succeeding
-He is not trying which makes teaching him the curriculum very difficult
-Trying to incorporate art into the curriculum work could help him put effort in
-Using oral dictation then getting students to go into visual work could help Urjo
-He needs more creative and expressive work. Using his schema to help him understand the course material as well as to help him be interested in the material. Taking an intelligence test as a class could also help the teacher ensure learning is more directive for all students
- Urjo needs more creative
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There will be more accommodations needed in schools that are in lower socio-economic neighbourhoods because of their lives at home
-Students that are bullied and victims can cause a big stress in your classroom
The video below, is called How to Make a Bully. It has a lot of useful informations for teachers to use when trying to manage bullies and victims. As a teacher, recognizing the characteristics of a bully and a victim can stop disastrous events. Things like school shootings are usually caused by students who are victims that eventually can’t take it anymore. In Chrystina 's class there is a boy that has all the characteristics of a victim. He isolates himself from other children and is constantly talking negatively about himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzftHNh7xP8&feature=youtu.be -Ian has a student that always shows up mad. He is constantly acting out and disrupting the class. Having a student like this is frustrating for teachers because it feel like no matter what you do or say to them they don’t show any progress. It can be really disheartening constantly trying and getting no

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