Case Study: Helping A Friend

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Helping a Friend
On May 20, 2014, Sophia and seven of her friends decided to take a trip to Lake Michigan. Sophia’s aunt owns a lake house in Arcadia, Michigan, so the girls decided to rent out the place for a few weeks. When they arrived to the house late in evening, they unpacked and settled in. Sophia, Carly, Kaylee, and Sally slept in the room with bunk beds, while Kelly, Diane, and Lauren slept in the master bedroom. George got the room in the middle all to himself. Everyone managed to get along for the week, but there were a few incidents surrounding Sally that began to worry the gang.
The majority of the next day went smoothly. The friends woke up, ate breakfast, and enjoyed the day. Carly read her book on the beach, while George, Diane,
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The gang gave her an odd look. They wondered what had prompted such a question because they were not even discussing drugs. They were discussing plans for …show more content…
This is not the first time she has used heroin because the bag was a quarter of the way empty. Sally had been using heroin for the past couple of weeks. She enjoys taking heroin because it gives her a feeling of euphoria, and then it sends her into a nice dream-like state, until eventually she becomes drowsy and falls asleep. Over the past couple of weeks, her body had developed a tolerance to the drug. Now she is physically dependent on heroin to function normally. The only reason she began doing heroin was because she was curious. She started out by snorting heroin, but lately she has noticed that the effect heroin has on her has weakened. She plans to inject heroin in the future, but wants to finish off the bag she has now. She snorted a decent sized pile of heroin and climbed into bed. Sally had a rough night. She would periodically wake up and do more heroin. Her restlessness woke up her roommates on several occasions. No one knew what she was doing, and she did not plan to tell anyone. She had only promised her friends that she would not try to snort Ibuprofen, she did not promise to stop doing

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