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  • Lauren Olamina In Octavia Butler's The Parable Of The Sower

    Earthseed plays a pivotal part in Laurens development as a heroine and helps to show that she is a leader in many ways. While explaining what the religion is, she described it as being more realistic in that it does not deal with any supernatural figures, for example, the idea of God (Butler p. 219). Lauren wanted her religion to be seen as a symbol of change that was found within oneself and not just an idea or image of hope. Additionally, faith without work is dead she wanted to focus on getting people out of the idea that only prayer is the answer to your troubles. Laurens father, a pastor, whom she takes after a lot, had a very negative impact on her religious views as a Christian. Reverend Olamina was not the perfect man in any sense he possessed a number of flaws, and even fell short of actually being a father when it came to Lauren and her siblings. With Laurens father being a pastor she was raised in a religion in which she noticed a lot of flaws and inconsistency, for example Mrs. Sims hypocrisy. Lauren did not believe that the word in which was being preached to her followed through with her everyday life. Her Earthseed religion became a symbol of her heroism because it displayed just how much of a leader she was becoming in her community which would lead her to be a hero. The name was created one day as she was weeding,…

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  • Choosing Earthseed

    Choosing Earthseed Over Her Seed In her famous op-ed in the Atlantic titled “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All”, Ann-Marie Slaughter discusses how achieving a work/family balance was incredibly hard for her, claiming that “having it all was not possible in many types of jobs.” While the rest of her article describes the obstacles she personally encountered in her work lie, it resonates with millions of women in professions that require them to devote all their time and energy to, from government…

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  • Evolution Of Identity Essay

    Lauren instead finds the support she needs to transform Earthseed through the Elfords a couple that’s shown great interest in Earthseed.When Lauren did some jobs for them during her search for Larkin. “Through the Elfords and their friends and the friends of their friends, we’ve received invitations to speak all over town in people’s homes and in small halls” (Talents 388). This is the beginning of the evolution of Earthseed, evolving from just an identity shared in a small mountain community.…

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  • Octavia Butler's Science Fiction

    created, or rather discovered a new religion that she calls Earthseed, a religion in which God is Change and the destiny is to take root among the stars. In a world where police and firemen refuse to maintain order without a heavy fee, religion, and religions like that of Earthseed become extremely powerful. Earthseed ultimately fails in her gated community, acting like those seeds in the parable that fall on bad ground. When her community is attacked and her family killed, Lauren begins her…

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  • Earthseed In Octavia Butler's Parable Of The Sower

    In Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower, Lauren Olamina is the founder of a new faith she dubbed as Earthseed. Each chapter is prefaced with a verse from her religious text, “EARTHSEED: THE BOOKS OF THE LIVING.” The verses not only directly provide a guide to the world that Lauren lives in and as to what lies in the upcoming chapter, they also can be connected to each other for a comprehensive view of the growth and development of Earthseed. Her religion shows all the social psychological basis…

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  • Parable Of A Flat Character Analysis

    sensation take over, intense and wild. I might be more in danger of having a heart attack than he is. How had I done without this for so long?” ( Butler 91). Lauren’s many transitions throughout the novel are the other aspect that confirms her status as a round character. She goes through countless changes from the starts of the novel to finish; transitioning from a teen to a young adult, transitioning from being dependent on her family to becoming the youngest member and leader of a group of…

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  • Octavia Butler's Parable Of The Sower

    When Lauren was preaching her philosophy of Earthseed to the rest of the members , she said, "God is Change, and in the end, God does prevail. But we have something to say about the whens and whys of that end"(295). This is an interesting quote because while God is in charge of everything and knows everything,we as humans also have a say in the end result. One cant blame God for natural disasters or other catastrophic events because we play a big part in this process by continuing to fight…

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  • Joseph Butler's Parable Of The Sower

    (Tademy). Butler tried to show through her book that women, no matter how young, could be independent and intelligent enough to think about their future and prepare themselves for the worst without needing a man figure to support them. In a lot of books when the main character is a woman it’s mostly a romance novel. But Lauren is different, even in her love life. The only two persons who she had a romantic relationship with were Curtis Talcott and Taylor Franklin Bankole. She had feelings for…

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  • Analysis: Parable Of The Sower

    She has this idea of a town called Acorn that is self sustaining and the people believe in her relgion of Earthseed. This religion is based on the idea of change and using nature to create peace and sustainability. This religion sounds a lot like a native American way of life before the white man came and ruined the piece. Lauren wants to live in nature and use everything it has for them. This type of place would be considered a utopia. Utopias are a place where everything is peaceful and the…

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  • The Anarchist Utopia In Le Guin's The Dispossessed

    better world. A world without sin” (Whedon). When this world is created, it results in some of the worst parts of humanity. Neither of the utopic spaces discussed earlier are free of violence. Utopia is not a space without “violence, love, hate, [or] sex” (Jameson, 275), rather it is the space where members are “free to do whatever [they] want with… interpersonal relationships” (Jameson, 275). Humanity, according to Jameson and Whedon, cannot exist without aggression, without passion.…

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