East China Sea

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  • South And East China Sea Case Study

    context of China and its maritime disputes in the South and East China Sea, particularly with the ongoing dispute between the Spratly, Paracel Islands in the South China Sea and Diaoyo/Senkaku Island in the East China Sea. Currently, there are six countries that lay overlapping claims to these islands, an area that is rich in natural resources and worth trillions of dollars of global trade flow. As China seeks to expand its maritime presence in the region, they have been met by growing assertiveness from regional claimants like Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The historical context between these territorial disputes are rather complicated, especially since it involves many nations in…

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  • Diaoyu-Senkaku Island Dispute Analysis

    Realism As It Relates to the Diaoyu-Senkaku Island Dispute China and Japan; two of the most powerful countries in the world, clashing over 7 square kilometers of island space. While it may seem counterintuitive for two superpowers to fight over such a small amount of land, the reasons behind these actions are explicable by the Realist school of thought. The tensions at play here are occurring as a result of the inherent power struggle described by Realism, wherein actors are constantly…

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  • China Pest Analysis Paper

    Politics When doing business in another country, it is very important to know and understand the politics, especially in a foreign country. There are four challenges in particular that stand out: 1. The North Korean nuclear threat 2. Japan–China tensions surrounding the Senkaku Islands. 3. The Japan and South Korea relations also further deteriorate after former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak’s visit to Takeshima. 4. Territory disputes over the East China Sea that has escalated…

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  • Defensive Realism In South China Sea

    the entire international system. The South China Sea debacle has been rife with conflict for not only the claimants involved. China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines are all tangled up in a dispute of territorial and jurisdictional claims over a vital and influential expanse of sea. Cooperation has been attempted, but a resolution has yet to be found. The South China Sea issue provides a perfect example of a security dilemma which has arisen as a result of defensive realist…

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  • China International Policy

    other threat has potential to derail our way of life. With state-based threats being the greatest threat to National security, policymakers must first approach international relations from a realist perspective. China 's moves to potentially reject international law demonstrate that power rules in an anarchic world. Despite this rejection of international law, China has created a security dilemma for themselves, creating and opportunity for U.S. retrenchment. The shortfall of realism is that…

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  • Negative Effects Of Bottom Trawling

    According to the China Statistical Yearbook of 2013, more than six million tons of catch were generated by China’s 36,744 trawlers [11]. The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture began to invest in the construction of the Beidou fishing vessel position monitoring system (VMS) in 2006. At the end of 2014, more than 60 thousand fishing vessels had been outfitted with VMS. This system provides continuous records to support fishery management. Sixty percent of the trawlers in China are distributed in the…

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  • China's Economic Policy

    Even though the state of China resembles more like a post-socialist state, leaders of the state were heavily inclined towards a radical perspective since Mao Zedong was a founder member of the Chinese Communist Party. One of his main policies was the Great Leap Forward, which aimed to transform their agricultural industry into an advanced socialist economy through collectivization of different industries. Unfortunately, it did not work as expected since its implementation just shrank the…

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  • South China Sea Conflict Essay

    is that which is centered in the South China Sea. To give some background and explanation, the South China Sea has all of the makings of a conflict that could with time escalate to being a serious armed confrontation. Essentially, China believes that it has territorial right to the ocean to it 's south, particularly to the billions of barrels of oil, and very large reserves of untapped natural gas which can be extracted underwater. The issue arises with China 's threatening action against any…

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  • China Strategy In The South China Sea

    China has sought out to increase it geopolitics, by asserting its country historical claims using maritime order to have control of South China Sea, by attempting to take full authoritative control of Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands. In addition, China attempt in trying to be the sole power of the South China Sea has created tension with its neighboring countries. As China continues on with historical claims, conflict will be inevitable, hence making the four other surrounding East Asian…

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  • Tu 95 Case Study

    China is continuing to grow and spread its borders as far as it can, but is threatening the sovereignty of other countries. The fact that China isn’t respecting territorial disputes among all these countries is a sign of disrespect in and of itself. Though, there isn’t much that we can do about it. The best we can attempt to do is scold them or to pressure them to the point that they don’t see it as profitable to continue expanding their borders. However, the world’s economy heavily relies on…

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